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Catch Me If You Love Me is a Chinese novel that revolves around a girl surviving a miserable life. Her father was not in favor of the guy she loved. He never wanted his daughter to live her life with a guy he thought was useless. Despite of her requests her father opposed her decision to accompany Lu Beichuan (her Boyfriend) for rest of her life.

Soon her father was poisoned by her step mother. While he was lying on the death bed, he holds his daughters hand and asks her to escape along with her brother. He repents his decision of rejecting the guy she loves. Now he wants his daughter to get him back.

Soon the young girl bids farewell to her father with teary eyes and escapes along with her brother. It was not easy for her to escape as she is now about to face the darkest days of her life. What happens next is quite miserable. Was she able to escape from her stepmother’s cage? Keep reading if you want to know what happens next.

Catch Me If You Love Me Novel

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It is an interesting novel that is full of twists and turns. Right after eloping out of her house, she gets caught and locked up in a dark room. She remains unconscious for 3 days and when she opened her eyes, she finds herself surrounded by two tall men, her stepmother’s voice was also resonating against the walls of the dark room. When she was able to listen and comprehend, her stepmother came to her and said that she is being bounded just because of the blood that runs inside her veins.

The girl (Gu Qiaoge) was a unique human as she has a special blood antigen. Her stepmother now wants to give this blood to a wealthy guy who is in dire need of this blood for his survival. Further, he is ready to pay millions against a single drop of her blood. Her stepmother further says that not only her blood, they want her virgin blood. Upon listening this, Gu Qiaoge says that she wants to keep her purity for Lu Beichuan only.

The greedy stepmother is not happy with her decision. She now starts threatening Gu Qiaoge to kill her boyfriend. Gu Qiaoge is now helpless as she has no choice other than pleasing her Stepmother.

Catch Me If You Love Me Lu Beichuan

The Lu Beichuan Bravonovel gets a new turn when the girl agrees to her stepmother’s decision only if she spares her love, little brother and ailing father. She thought, it would be just a temporary phase of her life and after this she will join the love of her life. But it was not as simple as the Gu Qiaoge was thinking.

Gu Qiaoge always wants to live a peaceful life with her beloved Beichuan. But everything turned adverse. Will she be able to see her love again? She is clueless!

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Catch Me If You Love Me Bravonovel

The poor girl was now at mercy of her tyrant stepmother. She promises her mother to give every drop of blood from her body only if she spares her boyfriend, brother and father. She has now come to a point where she has to choose between her love and her family, or maybe she is going to lose both.

Analyzing the situation, the girl decides to end up her love story here. She decides to breakup with the guy she loved the most. She calls him for a last time with a heavy heart and says that she never loved him and now she has no feelings for him. As she utters these words, Lu Beichuan gets all shattered. He couldn’t believe her words but he has to accept that she was only toying with him.

Catch Me If You Love Me Online

Life is so unpredictable. You never know how it is going to surprise you in the next moment. The story is on a clueless point now, Gu Qiaoge has no idea what life is cooking for her. But she believes that sun shines brighter after storms.

Will she be able to survive all these darkest days alone? Or is it the last phase of her life? Will Lu Beichuan be there for her again someday? To know the answers of all these questions read the full story Online.

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