Error Code 0x80070490 — Here’s The Quick Fix

Are you encountering Error Code 0x80070490 while updating any app downloaded from Microsoft Store? Or is this error troubling you while applying a system update via WU (Windows Update)? Yes? Well, don’t worry! We are here for your service. Keep reading and learn all available fixes for this troublesome bug.

Users all around the world are encountering Error Code 0x80070490 while updating any app downloaded from Microsoft Store and while applying system update via WU (Windows Update). They are clueless about the error so, most of them have taken it to social media platforms to ask their circle about this issue.

Though there isn’t any official fix received yet, but we will provide you some common ways to fix such errors. Keep reading and get rid of this fatal bug.

What Is Error Code 0x80070490

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As discussed earlier, Error Code 0x80070490 is faced by most of the Windows users. If you are a Windows user and you haven’t encountered this error yet, we would still recommend you to apply the fixes so that you won’t get troubled in future. Here is what the error message reads,

“There were problems installing some updates, but we’ll try again later. If you keep seeing this and want to search the web or contact support for information, this may help:

Hewlett-Packard — Imaging, Other hardware — Null Fax — HP Photosmart 7520 series — Error 0x80070490

Hewlett-Packard — Imaging, Other hardware — Null Print – HP Photosmart 7520 series — Error 0x80070103”

Before learning about the fix, let’s talk about its causes first. The error might occur due to the following culprits:

  • Any third party anti-virus that is preventing the update
  • Any corrupt files in Component-Based Servicing (CBS) or in System Component Store.
  • Some services required for WU are disabled
  • Corrupt Registry files.

How To Fix Error Code 0x80070490

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Now, as you have got to know about the common causes, let’s get started will all the available fixes,

Disable All Third Party Antivirus Suites

The first method to get rid of this fatal issue is to disable all third party antivirus suites installed in your system. It is also important to check for any software conflict because WU (Windows Update) is designed to work with the built-in security solution (Windows Defender). So, users are directed to disable the Windows Defender as well.

Repair Windows Update With Windows Repair Suite

Windows Repair is a tool that is used to fix majority of common windows problems. To get rid of this error code, we would suggest you to install Windows Repair. Once you have downloaded it, open the tab that says Repair  then click on the tab that says Open Repairs.

Once you have reached the Open Repairs Tab, scroll down and check the Windows Updates option and tap on Start Repairs button. After the process is complete, restart your system and apply the update. If the problem still prevails, jump to the next solution.

Run a System File Checker Scan

The next solution is to Run a System File Checker Scan. The System File Checker will scan all your files to repair any corrupt registry files. To get the File Checker, open the windows tab and type “cmd“ then right click on the command prompt to Run As Administrator. Now write, sfc /scannow” in command prompt and hit enter.

Wait for the process to complete and then restart your system, Now apply the Windows Update again and check if the problem is fixed.

Doing A System Reset

If none of the above methods worked then we would suggest you to do a restore your Windows to a previous version. Hope you will get rid of this error now.

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Final Thoughts

This was all about Error Code 0x80070490. Hope the fixes provided in this article will help you get rid of this troublesome bug.

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