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Are u feeling bored and want to read a love story.  If you are really looking for such a novel then read the novel fade with time and love. You can read it online or get a PDF version of it. In this story you will meet a girl who is very innocent. Who has to bear a lot of troubles before the good things come up to her. But to get access to a good day she has you travel long on the way of deception, injustice and fake love.

Fade With Time And Love In Brief

The story of a girl starts when one day she looks at a couple on the stage at a wedding ceremony. The couple is getting married happily. She had never imagined how the table could turn so suddenly and unexpectedly on her. 

Half a year ago she was engaged to a man. But now she is getting married to another woman.  Before that he had faced a tragic accident and he has lost his memory. After sometime he regained his memory but to her surprise he could not recognize his fiancée.

This is the main advantage for the other lady she is now about to marry the man. On the other hand she is pleasing the girl that she had always loved the man and she had always dreamed to marry him. In short she is begging for her fiancé.

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Fade With Time And Love Read

This girl had a strong antagonistic relationship with her. At the time of birth, the two were born on the same day, the babies got exchanged by mistake. Thus on the very first day, that girl took her parents away from her until the age of sixteen.

Only two months after the female protagonist returned to the original home, her biological parents disappeared suddenly, leaving no trace behind of their whereabouts. Her foster parents took her back, but this time, she met a completely different nature from their side.

They were not the same people who brought her up with affection and love. She could not believe it when the foster parents asked her to give away her love and fiancé to their biological daughter. The parents whom she called mom and dad were no longer affectionate towards her.

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Fade With Time And Love PDF

She is requesting them a lot. Trying to persuade them while saying I grew up as your daughter. “I love this man a lot. Please don’t break us. “But she gets no response except a slap. She pleaded with her boyfriend too but he said he had already left her.

She was crying for being unfortunate. Because now love has changed into hate. But despite this situation she made up her mind. She takes the ring from her bag and moves on the stage. Because the ring is only evidence to prove herself right.

She pointed a ring toward her ex and said “this is what you gave me at the beginning. I am returning it to you. From today onwards you are a stranger to me.”

Fade With Time And Love

That day onwards she has nothing to do with this family. She will apply for the student loan at her university. She will study and never want to look back at the faces she thought were her caretakers. Thinking this she turns around on the bed to sleep.

Yet, a lot of happenings are waiting for her. She is grabbed by a strong pair of hands and takes her innocence away. The injured man, under the heavy influence of medicine, puts a ring in her hand and asks her to find him in the city after a month.

Dumbfounded and puzzled to the extreme, she cannot wrap her head around the accident that just happened. Let alone putting the ring, she cannot understand how it is even possible, is she in the real world or just dreaming?

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Fade With Time And Love Read Online

Time will not remain the same. After experiencing tough days, finally good days are waiting for her. She has to sacrifice a lot to reach there. Read online the full novel to find out how she is getting up there? How is she fighting with the situation?

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