Flipkart 15th Anniversary Scam – Beware And Stay Alert

Flipkart 15th Anniversary Scam is another online scam that is tricking users on various social media sites. If you have received any message claiming to give you free mobile phones, here is how to deal with it.

Social media platforms are filled with a number of scams. As we open our social messaging applications, we encounter a new scam message daily. Hence, internet users are being surrounded by thousands of fake deals. In past also we have encountered scams of similar nature that affiliated themselves with giant companies and tricked the users to give free gifts in response to Anniversaries of various companies. The companies that are dragged into this scamming tactic include Rolex, Adidas, Amazon, Toyota, Robinsons, and now Flipkart.

The recent scam that claims to celebrate Flipkart’s 15th Anniversary has tricked thousands of users worldwide. Here is more you must know about this scam.

What Is Flipkart 15th Anniversary Scam

Flipkart 15th Anniversary Scam is a new addition to the list of WhatsApp scams. Users on social messaging apps including WhatsApp and Telegram are more vulnerable to this viral scam. Until now, this fake deal has spread on social media like a wildfire and users are hoping into it with a desire to win a Smartphone.

This viral message has started spreading from the first week of July is spreading so hastily. If you haven’t seen any such message so far, it reads, “Flipkart 15th Anniversary! Through the questionnaire, you will have a chance to get Mi 11 Lite (Tuscany Coral, 128 GB)”. Along with this message, users receive a series of questions like the user knows about Flipkart or not and some personal questions.

As the users complete the survey, they are asked to open a gift box from a series of gift boxes. As you select any gift box, the webpage claims that you have won the gift. But it can be claimed only if you forward the scam message to your 20 contacts or to 5 groups. Even after sending this scam message to the said number of groups or contacts, the users don’t receive any gifts.

To know more about the legitimacy of this message we went through all the official channels of Flipkart but couldn’t spot any such anniversary event. Also, the suspicious website where the users get directed after clicking the link doesn’t belong to Flipkart.

How To Report Flipkart 15th Anniversary Scam

As thousands of users are getting trapped in this viral scam, Flipkart has come forward to inform its customers about the potential threats. The official notice that notifies the customers about this scam reads, “We’d like to inform you, the website does not belong to Flipkart. Please do not purchase or share your details through any other channels as fraudsters may use this data for scamming.”

While replying to a report made by a customer to Flipkart about this scam, Flipkart’s official Facebook page responded,

“We understand your concern here. However, we’d like to inform you, the website doesn’t belong to Flipkart. Please do not purchase or share your details through any other channels as fraudsters may use this data for scamming. We are working very closely with our legal team and law-enforcement authorities to take appropriate action against fraudsters. Please ignore all such messages received from any other source. Meanwhile, we could suggest you raise a complaint in the Cybercrime department so that this can be addressed at the earliest”.

All these shreds of evidence prove that the viral message claiming to give you free Smartphones is a scam hence users must not fall for it.

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Bottom Line

The only way to be on the safe side is, avoid clicking on anonymous links and do not share your personal information with unknown sources. Stay vigilant and inform your friends about such potential scams.

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