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The Protector novel Levi Garrison is worth reading if you are into lite-novels. It is an action-packed story where the lead character has a strong existence in the plot. You will enjoy a journey through action, revenge, forgiveness, patience, and avarice.

The story is easy to follow with enough twists and turns along the way, that keep you asking for more. Once start reading, you would not be able to stop at a single point till you reach the end.

What is the story like, what the characters have to face, how the plot develops, all are discussed here. In addition, we will share with you the options for full read online for free or PDF versions as well.

The Protector Novel Levi Garrison

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Ups and downs are part of life. When we are sincere with what we do and want to achieve, though the actions of people may delay it, the inevitable is bound to happen.

So the success will come to those who crave for it and act in time to make sure the path to achievement is covered.  This story brings us such a tale.

The male lead is a man of his words and actions. He believes in handwork and the egalitarian view that no one is left behind. But he is surrounded by people who do not share his views.

These avaricious, conceited people only believe in snatching from others, and hoarding all that they can no matter whatever means they need to employ.

With such a difference in attitude, the hero has to suffer. Nevertheless, the right will always be right, though it may take time to prove itself. The Story of Levi Garrison you should not miss.

The Protector Novel

Levi Garrison’s parents died very early and he became an orphan. He was taken out of the streets by a family with extended members. You might say now the situation for him must improve as he has shelter above his head.

On the contrary, this family came out to be an abusive one. Even the adoptive parents beat him for trivial matters. In such an abusive environment he grew up anyhow.

He has a nature to never forget the people who helped him and showed good behavior towards him, no matter if it is as big an as a specter. Thus the family he grew up in started to get boost all due to this man’s hard work.

This started to get negative attention from the real members of the family, who saw him as a threat. An outsider usurping their power and rights.

The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Read Online

When you read online or via PDF, you will find that the storm of trouble starts to brew within the home he was strengthening and building. Wary of his skills and power the family members will decide to remove him for good.

On his wedding night, he is drugged and sent to his sister-in-law’s room. There he is seen by all the people who were there to attend the wedding.

Since all the members were on the same page. The hero gets convicted and goes to jail for five years. Behind him, the family celebrates and thinks that there is no reason to worry anymore.

The Protector Levi Garrison PDF

When you read the full novel you come to rely on that this is actually the time from when the trouble for this treacherous family begins.

The man whom they got rid of goes to jail but in reality, he is sent to the war zone. There he ascends the ladder of hierarchy due to his velour and bravery.

Before going to jail he had taken the family business to a new height. But once behind the bars, it is all a piece that is owned by the people who had zero input in its making.

The situation will change soon as he returns from the warzone. His power and authority will awe both the friends and enemies.

Before that, it is a long and entertaining show for online readers.

The Protector Novel by Levi Garrison

When he returns he finds that the family is launching itself into a more stronger social ambit. His arrival for them is a bad omen, indeed rightly.

They think he is a convict returning from jail. A person frowned upon by all and called a waste. They are oblivious to his transformation.

This gives them an illusion that a jail convict is a worthless person not even worthy of their family and social circle. When he returns to them and gives them one month to repent they all laugh loud at him.

On the other hand, there is the woman who was getting married to him on that fateful night. Past five years she getting engaged after waiting for him for so long.

Stealing Your Heart, a novel you should not miss.

The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Full

Can this man win the heart of the woman who has waited for him for the last five years and prevent her from holding hands with another man?

Will the family that once adopted him and later turned into his enemy and ruined his life repent and seek his forgiveness?

A gentle man has returned to them as the God of War, will they be lucky enough to spared by him?

 Read online full story or get PDF. Find out what happens next.

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