Mr Manuel Franco Scam — Here’s All You Must Know

An email scam impersonating to be from Mr Manuel Franco is trapping people on the internet. If you have received any similar email, here is how to deal with it.

Internet users are becoming more vulnerable to scam emails and links. Since the Corona pandemic has hit the world, online scams are becoming more common than before. The most common form of scams is text message scams and email scams that are being sent by scammers to the innocent users. In recent days, similar scams named the Harvey Norman Giveaway scam and Groupme scam became viral that trapped thousands of internet users. Following these scams, a similar scam imitating to be from Mr. Manuel Franco is making rounds on the internet.

If you have received an email saying Manuel Franco is giving money, do not provide your important credentials because it is a fraud. Here is more you must know about this scam.

What Is Mr Manuel Franco Scam

Image Of What Is Mr Manuel Franco Scam

Mr Manuel Franco Scam is an email scam through which fraudsters are attempting to steal your credentials. These crooks can later use your important credentials for identity thefts. They could also be phishing for your money so, beware.

The scam email comes from an address that looks like an official email of Mr. Manuel Franco. In the email, they claim that Mr. Manuel Franco is giving away money hence you must provide your data to be able to claim the amount.

Some users have also claimed that the email is luring them for cars as well. If you are getting any similar email, please ignore it and do not provide your important credentials as it might be quite risky. Also, inform your circle about this potential threat so that more people will be aware of it.

To remain on the safe side you must follow the below instructions,

  • In case of anonymous emails, look for the address of sender vigilantly. It may have unwanted characters and spelling mistakes.
  • Do not click on the links attached to such emails.
  • Hover over the link to check the website address. Most of the scam links contain unwanted characters and spelling mistakes. This will reveal the legitimacy of email.
  • Do not rely on the information provided by anonymous senders.
  • Do not provide your important credentials to anyone.

Mr Manuel Franco Powerball Winner

Image Of Mr Manuel Franco Powerball Winner

While probing about this scam on the internet, we have found some comments of people who also have received this email from Mr. Manuel Franco. We are adding the reviews here for your clarity, have a look.

A user named Dani posted “This is the second time I’ve gotten an email from this “Manuel Franco” the only difference is now along with money he’s giving away a car too…aren’t I so lucky?

Here is the full email text received by a user named Dayaaa nikkole, it reads “I’m Mr. Manuel Franco, the Powerball winner of $768Million in Powerball Millions Jackpot, click here to see my winning interview I’m donating to 200 random individuals. If you get this message then your number was selected after a spin ball.

 I have spread most of my wealth over a number of charities and organizations. I have voluntarily decided to donate the sum of $50,000 USD to you as one of the selected 200, to verify your winnings send a text to the agent in charge. Here is the number of the agent Brad Harrison in charge +1(224) 478-1038 , text him for confirmation and delivery of your winning.”

You must also beware of Groupme Scam

Final Verdict

After probing about the email, we have come to the conclusion that it is an email scam with the purpose of identity theft. So, do not provide your important credentials to any such fake emails.

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