Hastiworld.in Reviews — Unbiased Review [May 2022]

The shopping enthusiasts who were looking for kitchen accessories have come across a website titled Hastiworld.in, and they are looking for some legit reviews. If you are among such users, here we have broken down everything including the customer reviews about this trending website ‘Hastiworld.in’. Stay tuned.

The Covid Pandemic has changed the perspective of traditional businesses and the majority of businesses have shifted to online platforms. With this, users have got the ease to get their favorite products delivered on their doorsteps but these conveniences have come with the cost of several scams.

Taking into consideration the traction that online businesses have got, scammers have also rolled their sleeves up and are trying their best to manipulate the online buyers. Thus, it has now become crucial for online buyers to look for the legitimacy of websites before placing an order.

Whether you are looking for kitchenware or, electronics and apparel, we have a bank of website reviews to help you make some legit deals. This time we are here with an unbiased review for Hastiworld.in, hopefully, it will help you make a worthy decision. Let’s begin.

Is Hastiworld.in An Authentic Site?

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Before diving deep into the assessment of this website, let’s start with a brief introduction to Hastiworld.in.

Well, Hastiworld.in is an online shopping site that deals in several products. Some of the major products that it deals in include, modern kitchen accessories, utensils, Kitchen appliances, Kidswear, Dry fruits, and Bluetooth devices.

The website is based in India and it provides its complete physical address on the site. However, the website was not professionally managed. It doesn’t provide product specifications in detail which is quite odd. How can a buyer place an order without knowing the specifications of any particular website? It would be hard to trust such websites.

To help you assess whether or not Hastiworld.in is a legit website, we have assessed the site based on the following factors:

  • Domain Age
  • Contact Details
  • Trust Score
  • Social Media Presence
  • Customer Reviews
  • Physical Address

Let’s discuss each of the above factors in detail.

Hastiworld.in Customer Reviews

Image Of Hastiworld.in Customer Reviews

Domain Age

The website’s foundation date is unknown thus we were unable to find its domain age. With this, we cannot comment on the website’s age and experience.

Contact Details

Contact detail is among the most crucial factors for an online website and for Hastiworld.in website, the contact details are unavailable. However, you can contact them on the email address help. [email protected].

Trust Score

The website has boasted 50% in the trust score index which is a mediocre score. This is a positive point to prove the legitimacy of the website.

Social Media Presence

The website is not available on any of the social media platforms which is a negative point. Businesses that do not have a social media presence cannot rely easily on it.

Customer Reviews

We were unable to spot any customer reviews for Hastiworld.in. This is again a negative point that can hurt the credibility of Hastiworld.in.

Physical Address

The company is physically present in Surat India. The address provided on the website is 54, Adarsh Market, Surat-395011, India.

Besides all the above factors one point that is worth noting here is, that the content available on Hastiworld.in the website is plagiarized to a considerable extent. 31% of its data is piracy data.

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The Final Verdict

This was all about whether or not Hastiworld.in is a legit website and whether or not you should make an online deal. Hopefully, you have got enough information to make a wise decision. Good Luck!

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