Is Legit? Unbiased Review [February 2022]

As Valentine Day has approached, people have rushed to online platforms to get gifts for their loved ones. Among the most trending websites is and users across UK are trying to figure out whether or not it is a legit website. If you are among these online shoppers looking for reviews, we have got you all the details here.

With more online websites joining internet platforms to buy and sell goods, it is becoming difficult for users to decide on what and where to buy. Alongside worthy online websites, there also are thousands of scammers who are trapping people via their fake websites.

We have always tried our best to inform our readers about safe and legit websites. Following this tradition, BrunchVirals is again here to help you understand if is a legit platform or not. Let’s start.

Is A Scam?

Image Of Is A Scam is the current trending e-commerce site that deals in personalized gift items. Considering their affordable prices, users are getting attracted to it. Also, the Valentine day’s event has increased the traffic of buyers on this eCommerce site.

The website of reveals that it is the sister company of ‘Trophy Store’ and wants to become one of the top gift selling websites in the UK.

The best part about this platform revealed by its online site is, it provides customized items to all its customers, that without charging anything extra.

Some of the items we were able to spot on the site include Cheese-boards, paperweights, and glasses. The prices of all these items are quote reasonable; this is why users have rushed towards it.

The website further reveals that it arranges merchandise for all special events. From birthday gifts to wedding presents and valentine’s day gifts, you will have a handy collection of items specially designed for each event.

So, is Giftstore a Scam or a legit site? Let’s explore.

Giftstore Scam Or Legit?

Image Of Giftstore Scam Or Legit

To find whether or not Giftstore is a scam we have collected the below details.

1. Domain Age

The first factor that revealed the authenticity of this website is its domain age. The chances of being scammed are high when a website is a newbie. However, has an old domain. It was being registered in the year 1997 thus, the website seems a legit one.

2. Contact Details

The website has clearly provided the contact details.  It has provided both local and international contact details, which is another positive point.

3. Website Content

The website content of the website seems original. We were not able to spot any plagiarized content or images on the site, which is another good point to prove the legitimacy of the site.

4. Trust Score

The trust score for this website is again good. It has acquired 86% score which is quite enough to rely on a website.

5. Social Media Presence

The website contains all social media icons and they function well. It is active on social media handles including, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. The response time on its social media handles also is quite good. Yet another good point.

6. Customer Reviews

As the website is more than two-decade-old, it has customer reviews both on its website and on its social media handles. Most of the reviews are in favor of which is a strong point to consider.

7. Physical Address

The website also has provided all its physical addresses and it appears to be genuine.

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Final Verdict

Considering all the above factors, we have come to the conclusion that is a legit website. During our research we couldn’t spot any negative points about this e-commerce website.

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