Hermes Scam Text Message — All You Need To Know

If you are here to inquire about Hermes Scam Text Message then luckily you have opened the most relevant post. Keep scrolling to have an idea about the legitimacy of Hermes Missed Delivery text.

Since the Corona pandemic has restricted people to their houses, they are relying on online sources for completing their daily tasks. Considering this scenario scammers are also out with their full power to trick the innocent people.

According to a report by UK Finance there is 20% increase in the bank transfer frauds in the days of lockdown. People have lost millions by falling prey to scammers and false websites.

Currently, there is a hype regarding “Hermes Scam Text Message” that people receive. The Cumbria Trading Standards have also warned the residents about the potential scammers.

These scammers are circulating a message that reads, “Sorry we missed you earlier, we have your parcel, to book a redelivery follow the link.” Along with the text a link also is attached to this message. Once you click on the link, it will take you to a scam website.

Once you reach the false website, it will ask you to provide personal and financial information. If the visitor provides this information, it will be passed on to the scammers responsible for the fake website. If you have already provided your details, then contact your bank immediately.

Instead of tapping on the link, users should “Forward scam text messages, including the phone number or company name, to 7726. Sending the scammers details to 7726, will not cost you anything. After receiving this message your phone provider will be able to investigate the sender.

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Hermes Missed Delivery Text Scam

Image Of Hermes Missed Delivery Text Scam

In past also a similar scam was experienced by many users in UK. This scam tricked the users into handing over their bank account details. It involved some fake emails posing as the Hermes delivery service. The fake emails contained accurate information of customers so most of the customers considered it as a genuine company email.

After considering it a genuine email, users clicked on the link attached to the email that used to download a malware onto their device.

This malware had a password stealing component and it had the ability to track everything typed into the device, including bank account numbers and passwords. In the end, they use the important credentials to steal money from the bank accounts.

Similar schemes are also designed to steal your social media login details and then encrypt your files to blackmail you against money. To save yourself from such scams never click on suspicious links from unknown sources. Readers should also do prior research before relying on such deals.

Here are some security advices that will help you to overcome fraudulent emails and text messages:

  • The first thing you should consider is, “do not install programs or softwares from unknown websites”.
  • Secondly, do not respond to suspicious emails and text messages received from unknown sources.
  • Do not tap on the links attached to suspicious emails and text messages.
  • Don’t consider malicious payment requests made through emails and text messages.
  • Never save your passwords unencrypted on your computer.
  • Always use strong passwords.
  • You must use a virus scanner on your computer and never forget to keep it updated.
  • Install programs from trustworthy sites.
  • Try not to use public systems and always use your own system.
  • If you ever feel like your credentials are compromised, change your password immediately.

Final Verdict

Hermes Scam Text Message has already tricked thousands of users. You are advised to ignore such messages and report the scammers’ details to your network provider.

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  1. 7726 also spells out SPAM: “Each message reported to 7726 helps us prevent nuisance and fraudulent messages reaching our customers. More information on scams can be found on your service provider’s website.”


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