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Bored of your quarantine schedule and looking for a free novel to read? If yes then “It Hurt To Be Loved By You” is here for you. Keep scrolling and read the full story without even paying a single penny.

The story of It Hurt To Be Loved By You Novel, revolves around a high school girl Kanae. The tale starts with some information from her middle school. She faced terrible bullying at school and so she doesn’t want to be bullied in high school as well.

Terrified of bullying she faced in the middle school, she gets into a prominent students group who reigned over the class. The only purpose of her to stay in this group was to survive the high school without bullying.

Thinking about the old times, she gets panicked sometimes. It was obvious that she needed treatment but her parents were not interested in her. She doesn’t has a good relationship with her family.

Kanae has no one to call her best friend nor she has good relation with her family, her heart is empty and she feels alone. To kill her loneliness she starts dating with an old guy. This stranger was the one who didn’t know about her illness. So, she felt ease with this stranger.

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Though a sane person would not prefer to be with such human, but Kanae being mentally sick spends her every single day in excitement. Her high school days continue to be peaceful until an event took place. It changed her peaceful high school life.

On next day, she gets an invitation from her group to a joint party. Poor Kanae has no idea about this party and she is zero percent familiar with it. However, she joins the party and there she gets attracted to Hiroshi.

Hiroshi was the most popular boy on that day. He looked cheerful and refreshing and she got to know that he is baseball player. After hearing about him she thinks in her heart that these type of boys are vulnerable to girls who are sick and have sad life.

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Hiroshi was the most popular guy among all the men in the party. And no doubt he was handsome of them all. He noticed Kanane but his expressions were quite cold. The female Protagonist felt like suffocating because she was not fond of such parties. She thought that she cannot blend with this circle so she left the party.

This young school girl always thought that nobody will ever love her. After getting some kind of obsession, she suddenly picked up her phone and searched for a companion for herself.

Scrolling through the sites for few minutes, she finally stopped on a middle-aged guy. He might be age of her father. On this point of story, she started chatting with him and with a wide smile she typed a message “Hi, I am Kanami”.

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The name she used was off course a pseudonym. Kanae didn’t find it appropriate to mention her real name so she continued with the pseudonym Kanami. Not knowing what is she going to face next, she kept talking and she was really happy in her heart.

She didn’t dare to think about her mental illness but this time she was only concerned about killing her lonliness. Will she be bullied again for mental illness? Will she be able to meet any cruel eyes in her upcoming life? Would she ever be able to experience the sweetness of love in her life? To know answers of these questions and to read the full story, tap on the read on button.

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