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If you are wondering to get a free online read, then we are here with the love filled “Hey Girl You Deserve The World” novel for you. Scroll till the end and get the PDF version of “Hey Girl You Deserve The World” and that for free.

As people all around the world are being more materialistic, the word “Love” has lost its meaning. People are using love to fulfill their materialistic needs or it has just become synonym to lust. In earlier times, people had pure hearts, and all that matters for them were true emotions, be it love, happiness or peace.

As we look back, we realize that people had true feelings for one another, they didn’t think much about materialistic benefits but love was their priority.

Today we will discuss a similar story, where a girl gets involved with a guy whose ulterior motive is to gain her wealth. He traps her with his fake love story and she gets trapped easily because she was truly and madly in love with him.

The story might sound quite normal but in reality it’s not. What happens after he gets all her wealth? Will she get to know about his ulterior motives? Will she spend her rest of life with this fake love? To get answers to all these questions, keep reading!

Hey Girl You Deserve The World Novel

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Hey Girl You Deserve The World is a romantic novel, that revolves around a one sided love story. The female lead character is in love with a guy who just wants her in his life for the sake of her wealth. The story starts when the girl gets married to this handsome and cold hearted man. Initially he pretended as if he loved her a lot but after getting married, he started avoiding her.

Despite of all her efforts to live a happy life, she gets failed to praise her greedy husband. It’s because he was not even willing to accept her as his wife. She was only a tool that her husband was using to access her family wealth. As the time passes, she started realizing that marrying this greedy guy was the biggest mistake of her life. But she was helpless because he is the only one her heart desires of.

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Hey Girl You Deserve The World PDF

Image Of Hey Girl You Deserve The World PDF

Regardless of her efforts, she was not able to mend her torn relation. She spends two golden years of her life with this cold hearted man and gets nothing in return. As the time passed, she started realizing that her husband is now in an extra marital relation.

She still consoles her heart saying it’s just her thinking. She trusts her husband and she was sure that, it is never going to happen. It was just a thought, until she caught her husband red handed with a woman. She was shocked to see him with another woman in his bed. She felt broken and helpless. It was now time to get out of this toxic relationship.

Hey Girl You Deserve The World Read Online

Her heart was not ready to accept the truth but she has to take a decision for the sake of her self-respect and dignity. She gave him everything she had; she sacrifices her family, friends and social life for him. But all he gave her was pain and betrayal.

The story gets a new turn when she is asked by her company to travel abroad while she was working on her divorce papers. She accepts their offer and decides to go abroad for a whole month.

While leaving she makes sure to provide all the necessities to her husband. But as she was leaving she gets to hear the following words from her husband ““Are you still expecting me to love you? I will tell you again, I don’t love you! No matter if it is in the past, now, or in the future, I will never love you.”

She leaves with this heart-breaking conversation but will he realize her importance once she leaves? To read the full story tap on the read button.

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