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My Billionaire Mom is a novel with an amazing story of a young man who has just celebrated his 18th birthday. A life under someone’s authority is not worth living. One has to listen to the dictations and orders all the time.

But what would happen when you suddenly find yourself free and independent? That would be a day to celebrate and rejoice. Out of clutches, and free to do whatever the mind says and the heart wants. Nevertheless, no matter how free you are, there are always limitations to freedom.

My Billionaire Mom

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With money comes freedom indeed but what is the limit here. No matter how powerful we are, the influential we are, there we are reined in by factors of nature and society. But a clever mind will look for opportunities and a chance to extend and climb further up the ladder of success.

This novel story has a similar message for us. The opportunity knocks at the door but once. It then is upon us to find a way to grab this opportunity and turn it into an achievement of a lifetime. Sometimes these chances are given by the family members and other times it is random. How farsighted and ready we are to take this is a matter of capability.

My Billionaire Mom Novel

My Billionaire Mom novel story will take the reader through the life of a man who has just crossed the ear of adolescence. He has grown up through the most unusual circumstances. Looked after by a grandfather and another family like figure, a girl who is older than his age.

He has never heard of his parent and has no idea where they are. Always considered himself an orphan only his grandfather and this old girl he is in love with from the time immemorial.

Before death, grandfather takes an unusual decision. The boy is married to this other older girl he has grown up with. Now they live together but not like husband and wife in the strict sense.

This boy has grown up with the girl and is totally infatuated with her. But after the death of his grandfather, her attitude has changed completely. She has a condescending behavior towards the boy now for the last few years. She has worked hard to achieve some status in the community.

Teaching at a university and running a training business have given her enough resources to keep an acceptable appearance in the society. Despite that, for the last few years, as you will find in the My Billionaire Mom Wattpad, not everything is perfect.

Her business is in a state of dormancy and the lad she has brought up is a husband but only in the documents. She does not see any potential in him and he gets treated like a dog for that reason. To her chagrin, she is called wife by him and she hates this word.

On one usual day, he after having the regular does of insult from his wife, reaches school on foot, as he has no money to board a bus. There he has already borrowed money from his class fellows who taunt him and demand the money back.

With an empty pocket, the protagonist can only give a date in My Billionaire Mom Novelcat Pdf version. Here he gets a call from an unknown number. This is the one not in his contact list and seems a foreign mobile number. After picking the call he finds out it is his mother from another country.

She apologizes for staying away from him. Soon, she will be returning to the country and gives him five million directly deposited to the lad’s bank account directly.

The penniless becomes a millionaire without even spatting a fly in a blink of an eye.

My Billionaire Mom Novel Story

When you follow the boy’s story from now on, he keeps a low-key. Despite having millions in his account he has no desire to show it off just like his class fellows. But at the same time move out of his wife’s house and buys a home of his own.

But soon he finds himself helping the elder wife despite having differences. This shows the protagonist is a good-natured man who has not forgotten how the girl looked after him gave him food, and provided clothing throughout his adolescent phase of life.

Now that she is in dire need of finical help it is his time to pay back. Thus he becomes an unknown angel who helps her by depositing money in her account and buying her house at her asking price. My Billionaire Mom novel is all about the life of this changed man.

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My Billionaire Mom Read Online

You can find out what happens next in this man’s life from the story of My Billionaire Mom Novel Read online free options. Would he continue to help her from now on? How is he going to deal with this marital relationship that has seen not an intimate day as of yet?

Find out by reading the complete novel. This is indeed a good read if you like fantasy novels that are easy to read and follow. The interesting life story of a sudden millionaire awaits your exploration.

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