Hive Social App — A New Social Media App in Race

Have you heard all your friends talking about Hive Social App? Want to know where it came from and what is it all about? Yes? Well, you are on the most related site. Keep reading and get to know all information about this new social media hype.

After being discussed by a massive population on Twitter, Hive is the trending social media app as of now. The best thing about this new social app is you are not going to encounter any irritating adds. Well that’s something really cool. While so many people have just discovered this social app, they all are rushing to grab their new profile. But this hype has crashed the servers of this newbie.

According to its official twitter account, Hive has a close resemblance with the famous photo sharing application Instagram. People who are tired of their same followers list on twitter and Facebook are running towards this new application. But all of sudden where it came from and how it works? Want to know? Well, keep reading!

What Is Hive Social App

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Hive is social media application that is just being discovered by people. It is important to know that this isn’t a new application rather users have just got to know about it. The application was initially launched in October 2019. The user interface of this application is quite similar as of Twitter and Instagram. Some people are calling it as baby of Instagram and twitter.

The social App’s twitter account has confirmed that over 13000 new users have joined this app overnight Feb 3. It caused the servers to crash resultantly; some of users were unable to download the application. This application is available online and that for free. All iOS users can download it form Apple store while it is available for Android users in the Playstore.

How To Use Hive Social App

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Using this newly discovered social app is quite simple. You can simply download it and use as you use all other social networking applications. Once installed Hive allows you to keep check on trending topics, latest featured posts on it’s explore page. Like other social media applications, you can follow information related to your areas of interest.

The user interface of this application is designed in a way that, you can post your pictures and text posts using two different tabs. One tab is designed similarly as Instagram where you can post your pictures while the other tab allows you to post text, just like twitter. Like Insta and twitter, you can like, repost or reply to any of posts from another account.

A different feature that it contains is, it allow you to add music to your profile. The initial sound will be free while it will cost you $0.99 afterwards. Most of users are already obsessed with the application. A twitter user has shared his opinion about the current hype with the following words, “On hive even though i’m already overwhelmed with current social apps”

The most exciting feature reported by its new users is that, it allows its users to monetise their accounts as soon as they sign up. This feature is not available for Instagram accounts having less than 10K followers.

Hive App Not Working

For all the users, who are facing issues related to its downloading or functionality, we would suggest you to wait until the servers revive to normal. Due to unusual influx of traffic on the app, people are having trouble while downloading it. To all of them, it is just because the Hive servers are facing some down moments. Wait till the problem gets fixed at its own.

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Concluding Words

This was all about the trending social media app Hive. Hope you have got enough information regarding this newly popular app. Follow us to stay updated with all social media hypes.

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