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Are you probing to know about the performance and legitimacy of Spam Response App? If yes, then you are reading the most relevant article. Keep reading and get to know about all the features of Spam Response App.

With a massive increase in usage of smart phones, people are encountering plenty of spam messages. Once in lifetime every smart phone user becomes prey to a form of text message spam. To save yourself from such spam messages you have plenty of options to select from. Today we are going to discuss about a similar application “Spam Response App” that helps you to get rid of spam text messages. Let’s dive in deep to learn about this spam text blocker.

What Is Spam Response App In Samsung

Image Of What Is Spam Response App In Samsung

Spam Response App is an intuitive application designed to report the unwanted messages the users receive. It helps the users to prevent SMS spam by reporting them directly. The application resembles a simple messaging App and all you have to do is simply scroll through the recent messages’ list and swipe right on any unwanted or unsolicited message you want to report.

Once you swipe right, the sender will automatically get reported for SMS span and they will not be able to send you messages again. If you have accidently swiped right to a message you don’t want to report, then there is nothing to worry about. The application also provides option to get to the mistake and get back to filtering out the real spam.

Spam Response App Showed Up

Image Of Spam Response App Showed Up

Users can also select multiple messages at once to report. It also helps the users to keep check on logged dates and times of previously reported spam. The application is available for both android and iPhone users. Android users can simply download it from play store while iPhone users can download the application from the Apple App Store.

The application will help you to filter your contacts along with the messages. Once reported the app will investigate the spam text. For investigation the app collaborates with cyber security to help you in filtering the spam. In simple words, the application prevents the spam messages to choke on your inbox.

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Spam Response App Showed Up On My Phone

There are plenty of reasons for using this application; here are some of the benefits of using Spam Response App.

The application is quite faster and accurate. It provides security against phishing scams. The application is helpful in identifying spam messages. It reports to certain text messages after proper investigation. The app also has the capability of filtering out suspicious text automatically.

It is quite easy to use because it has the multi-select tab that helps you to select multiple scam messages at once. It also helps you to rectify your misreporting. You can simply undo your actions if you have made mistakes in reporting.

The only negative point about the application is that it can only be used with devices. Further, it won’t help when you are offline. Also its unattractive interface disappoints the users. Though the interface is functional but developers need to pay a little attention to use a good face lift.

Overall, this application is a must use app, if you want to get rid of SMS spam. Currently, the Samsung users have got this application automatically in their devices. Some users are worried about the app; they are probing if it’s a bug or what. To all those users, it’s a legit app. It is specially designed to report spam and cut down the amount of spam with time.

Final Verdict

To all the users who are worried about its legitimacy, we would recommend you to download and use the application because it is an important application that is working to cut down the spam quantity.

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