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A person can change anything but not blood relations. I Will Marry You is a Chinese novel where a noble soul is trapped in a vile net of relatives and friends. This girl named Elizabeth is a young woman who has been working for the last three years after graduating from a topnotch university in the country.

Until now everything is good. She has a boyfriend who loves her. A family to go back to ever night and a female friend to gossip with every single time she is free. This is not going to be the same forever. A day is coming upon her where everything she has taken for granted will jumble upside down and she will find herself struggling to find solace. Will she ever get it?

I Will Marry You

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Love is blinding and the blood relations are irreplaceable. At times when we are comfortable thinking, we have got all, a caring family and loving friends. We believe we will remain eternally the same. But this must not stay the same forever. These relations no matter how genuine they look at the face, are actually based on underlying interests.

We can be the eye candy of our friends and the blue-eyed of the family members for a time. This is meant to change as the circumstances change, as the conditions alter, and as the interests of people around us take a turn. This novel will take us on a journey where you will see all of this unfolding in front of your eyes. A story worth reading to understand nothing stays eternal.

I Will Marry You Novel

This novel is the story of a girl named Elizabeth. She has graduated from a famous university and is working in a company. She is an industrious girl who is known for her dedication and hard work at the office, where she has not taken a leave for the last many years.

At home, her mother considers her the best child she has given birth to. Her daughter is beautiful, talented, and upholds family values. Elizabeth is not just giving the family financial support, she has paid back the student loan as well in a short period of time due to her dedication.

For her beauty and charming nature, she is taken by a rich man as his girlfriend. She has never asked for anything from him. He loves her but she cannot give him full time due to her overtime work at the office. But today, she must visit him at any cost in the I Will Marry You novel PDF version.

It is his birthday and he has been waiting for her at his apartment. As she moves out of the office building already late, she decides to take a short cut to reach the boyfriend’s apartment. This one turn in the route will change everything for her.

The I Will Marry You Story

The poor woman would never have ever imagined what is about to happen to her. The series of gruesome events will change her life. She will soon realize that the best person to resort to in the time of hardships is oneself not friends or relatives.

She decides to take a short cut to the apartment and decides to go through a secluded under-construction real-estate plot to reach the apartment on time. Here she gets snatched away by a pair of powerful hands. She could only smell blood, alcohol, and sweat from the heavy breathings of a sturdy man who has taken hold of her.

He molests her and leaves her in the darkness. In a state of helplessness and despair, she runs towards the boyfriend’s apartment for comfort. As she opens the door she finds out about the affair of the boyfriend and her best friend.

Advances in I Will Marry You Online Free

As her phone broke down on her way to the birthday arrangement of her man. He could not contact her. In a drunken state, he calls the best friend of Elizabeth who has a crush on him, to comfort him and accompany him in a state of loneliness.

Depressed, sad, angry, and frustrated she returns to her own home looking for relief. However, her mother and younger brother are expecting her. They are in need of money and are there to ask for it. They don’t care about what Elizabeth is going through. Oblivious to her sate, all they want is money.

This is beyond the worst expectations in a nightmare for her. She decides to break up with all of them. Her friend, boyfriend, and family. Suddenly, she finds out the ring that her rap*st put in her fingers.

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A turning point of I Will Marry You Story

A purple diamond ring. “It is a token. I will find you and I will marry you.” he had said. She laughs and looks at this apparently fake purple diamond ring. Maybe she can settle something with this.

The man who molested her is not an ordinary man. That night he escaped a cunning plan of a promiscuous woman. Don’t know what he was thinking. He is struggling with his wounds and soon lookout for the girl he mistreated that night. Will he find her and marry her?

What further developments are going to take place in the life story of this unfortunate girl? To find out you will have to read the I Will Marry You Novelcat.

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