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Hooked Boss is a novel about a girl who falls for a man who she met in the most awkward circumstances. Sometimes the love we yearn for is found in the most unexpected places and in the unreal times. But it is not always come and grab it situation.

Read the full story to find out why it is so. And testing times are always there to check the sincerity and honesty of the love birds. After ups and downs, the plateau of blossomed flowers will welcome you. But before that, you must face the troughs and crests. It is how life goes.

Hooked Boss

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In this novel, you will read about the life story of a beautiful witty, and talented girl. The one-man she thought everything he was leaving her with the most heartbreaking comments. After moving herself out of his ambit she realizes her potential.

Will she get what she deserves? The time coming ahead with its own set of surprises and twists will reveal all this. Sometimes, what belongs to us never gets to us straight. The hurdles will always be there. Sometimes the fate puts them there sometimes the people around us stymie the flow of good fortune. But what belongs to us must come to us at the end.

About Hooked Boss Novel

This novel is the story of a girl named Autumn or Su Qing (depending on the version you are reading). One day her three-year boyfriend leaves her for another rich girl and decides to move abroad for further studies. He calls her below average and a girl without substance.

In frustration, she goes to a club and gets as drunk as a skunk. It is time to revenge what her ex has done to her, as her mind is numb and emotions have overwhelmed her body she grabs a stranger’s hand. Drags him to a room.

After a crazy first night in her life, the young woman suddenly concludes that the person she has spent the night with is thinking low of her. To keep herself a step ahead of him she throws some money and reviews his night’s performance in the worst possible terms.

Yet she cannot ignore that this man is so handsome. Even surpassing the looks of her ex-boyfriend. A shy and embarrassed woman steals the eyes and leaves the room.

A shocking Revelation in Hooked Boss Novel Story

As she runs to the office where she works for, a large corporation with a stature of its own a shocking revelation is awaiting her. The news of the arrival of the new boss is the buzz of the employee corridors. It is said that he is the most handsome man the company has seen so far.

She, unlike other female employees, is not that interested in the new boss. The recent breakup and the family affairs are enough to keep her distracted. Yet she must attend the conference arranged by the boss.

As he comes to the front, she can’t breathe for a while. He is the same guy she spent the night with. For whom she gave a bad review of his bed skills. Is she screwed? It seems so because she has been called by the boss to his office.

Contrary to her negative thoughts, he is not going to fire her. But he must score event the insults the girl hurled at him in the morning and he successfully does that. Nevertheless, he realizes this girl is not a yes sir woman. She is witty and straightforward. To answer everything with an appropriate response is what her knack is.

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Hooked Boss Novel Read Online

If you read the Hook Boss novel PDF or online. You will find out that she has not been living an ideal life. Her father hounded her, little sister and mother out of the house taken by his mistress’s words. He never looked toward them ever again.

She has faced immense difficulties in life before but after graduation, she has worked hard at the company and has a reputation. She is the sole bread earner for her family. This, on one hand, motivates her to work harder and at the same time is her Achilles’ heels.

Because to save herself from embarrassment she cannot leave the job. The boss will never let go of a single chance to settle the scores as well. From the story of Hooked Boss, you will see the best love stories immerge from the feelings of abomination. To find out how this transformation occurs read the novel online.

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