Is Clos Luce Scam? Legitimacy Check [August 2022]

Clos Luce is an eCommerce website that sells a huge variety of products but buyers are reluctant to shop from the portal considering it a scam. If you are among these buyers confused about the legitimacy of this site, we have got you covered. Here is all you need to know about whether or not Clos Luce is a scam.

With technological advancements taking place at rapid speed, the number of online scams has also reached an alarming level. The situation is getting even worse as a number of new websites are getting into the race on daily basis.

Even though online scams have remained an issue ever since the internet has become a necessity, the number of scams has increased followed by the lockdowns when it became crucial for people to buy online.

To get legit and quality products online, it is essential for users to run a legitimacy check of websites before relying on them. Although buyers are getting sensible with each passing day, the masses are still not aware of ways to assess the legitimacy of websites.

To help all such users who have no clue about how to assess online websites, we always try to come up with legit reviews of online websites. In today’s article, we will assess a trending online site titled Clos Luce. Let’s begin!

Is Clos Luce Scam Or A Legit Website?

Image Of Is Clos Luce Scam Or A Legit Website

Before figuring out whether or not Clos Luce is a scam, let’s first look at what the website has on its shelves.

The website Clos Luce is popular across the globe for its vintage products. The website displays a wide variety of attractive products. Some of the prominent products that we were able to spot on the website include:

  • Posters
  • Sterling Silver Jewellery
  • Tshirts
  • Ties
  • Plastic and Wood models
  • Stationery Products
  • Vintage Art

The products seem attractive and the prices are also reasonable. But is Clos Luce a legit site or a scam? To get the answer to this question, we have assessed the site on the below factors:

  • Domain Age
  • Customer Reviews
  • Social Media Presence
  • Trust Score
  • Contact Information

Let’s discuss each of the above factors in detail to scrutinize the legitimacy of Clos Luce.

Clos Luce Customer Reviews

Image Of Clos Luce Customer Reviews

1. Domain Age:

To assess the legitimacy of a website, first, check the domain’s age. The older the domain age, the more will be credibility.

As far as the domain age of Clos Luce is concerned, it is registered on 11th July 2022. So, for now, it is hardly a month old. Based on its age, the website seems to be an illegitimate one.

2. Customer Reviews:

We were unable to spot any reviews for Clos Luce on its official website. There also are no reviews on any other internet site. This is again a negative point!

3. Social Media Presence

The Clos Luce website has provided icons to all the major social media channels but none of them are connected to any social media site. This is not a positive thing!

4. Trust Score

The Clos Luce has amassed a trust score of 86% which seems suspicious. How can a new website amass a great trust rank? That’s a suspicious score!

5. Contact Information

The website has provided a contact number but the site has not provided an email address on the site.

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The Bottom Line

Considering the customer reviews and all other required details, we found Clos Luce a risky deal. Thus we would suggest our readers not rely on this site without doing proper research.

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