Oppotate Legit Or A Scam: Updated [Aug-2021]

A truck tool selling website named “Oppotate” is making rounds on Internet but users are curious to know whether the website is a legit one or a scam. If you are willing to invest in this viral website, you must read this article first.

With online markets establishing at a rapid speed, the number of fake websites is also increasing at a higher pace. Considering the surge in fake websites on the internet, it is quite difficult for users to identity among the legit and fake websites. 

A similar website named “Oppotate” is currently trending in the United States and other parts of the world. But the majority of the online shoppers are considering this website a suspicious one. Let’s get into the details and check whether Oppotate is a scam or a legit website.

What Is Oppotate

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Oppotate is a new viral website that is currently making rounds on various sites. According to the website, it deals in all types of truck tools and the set prices for these truck tool kits are unbeatable. Seeing such reasonable prices some users have already ordered the product while the majority of shoppers are suspicious about its legitimacy.

The Oppotate website targets internet users who are in dire need of truck tools. It only deals in tools for trucks hence the users who require tools for their trucks are encountering this website.

To know whether this website is a legit one or not, let’s evaluate this site in terms of:

  • Customer reviews
  • Domain age
  • Social media presence
  • Website’s content quality
  • Company address and other important information

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Is Oppotate A Sacm

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1. Customer Reviews

To find the legitimacy of this viral website, we did extensive research both on the site and on other platforms.

In online shopping, the most important tool that buyers consider while purchasing a product is the customer review but Oppoto.com lacks customer reviews. This isn’t a common practice for legit websites hence it creates doubts about the legitimacy of Oppotate.com.

2. Domain age

The second point that users must consider knowing the legitimacy of certain websites is their domain age. If the domain is old enough and had retained good customer service, it means the website is a legit one. While, if a website is a newbie and it lacks customer feedbacks, the website becomes suspicious.

Similar is the case with this popular website, the domain was registered on 27th July 2021 hence it is not even a month old. The website lacks experience hence shoppers must beware.

3. Social Media Presence

Though the social media page icons are available on the site, they do not work. Upon clicking on the icons, you will land on the home page. This shows the website lacks social media presence hence it raises suspicion about the website.

Is Oppotate Legit?

4. Website Content Quality

The content written on the website seems plagiarized. There are plenty of grammatical errors hence users must think before investing in this site.

5. Company address and other important information

The Oppotate website also lacks a contact number and company address which is a matter of concern. Though the company owners have provided an email address, it is a static one. The owner’s information is also missing.

Besides all the above aspects, the website policies are also vague. There is no clarity in the policies given on the site and it seems the policies are also plagiarized.

Final Verdict

After considering all the important points we have come to the conclusion that Oppotate isn’t a trustworthy website for now. So, users must not rely on this newbie.

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