Is Eastkick Scam? An Unbiased Website Review [August 2022]

If you are wondering to know if Eastkick is a scam website or a legit one, you have landed on the most appropriate site. At the end of this unbiased review for Eastkick, you will understand whether this website is a scam or a legit one. Stay tuned!

Since the Covid Pandemic hit the planet, people have shown immense attention to online shopping platforms. To be honest, online shopping is worth all this attention as it saves you time and energy. There are several other perks of shopping online but bogus websites have made it a little difficult for innocent online buyers to get legitimate products.

With the popularity of online shopping portals, crooks have also strengthened their position online. Thus, it has become essential for online shopping enthusiasts to check the legitimacy of products before ordering them. Whether you are buying electronics, apparel, or other accessories, make sure to check the legitimacy of products before ordering them.

In today’s blog, we will be revealing the true face of Eastkick, which is a sneaker-selling online store. Keep reading to find out if Eastkick is a scam site or not.

Is Eastkick Legit?

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Before doing the legitimacy check, let’s first introduce this trendy website.

Well, as explained earlier, Eastkick is an online website that mainly sells sneakers. The company is based in New York and it claims to have branches all over the world.

The company specializes in factory-second sneakers as they are quite popular these days. It deals in sneakers for both genders. Below is the list of products we were able to spot on the website of Eastkick:

  • Leather sneakers for men
  • Calfskin
  • Chunky
  • Logo Printed
  • Low Top Sneakers for Women
  • Knitted high top sneakers from brands like Chanel, Dior, Balenciaga
  • Oversized sneakers for women
  • Flash Track
  • Glittery
  • Embroidered Low Top sneakers for women

 Although Eastkick has a nice collection of shoes but is it a legit site? To find this answer we have assessed the website on the below factors:

  • Domain Age
  • Contact Details
  • Website Content
  • Trust Score
  • Social Media Presence
  • Customer Reviews
  • Physical Address

Let’s discuss these points in detail to assess the legitimacy of this site.

Eastkick Scam Or Legit

Image Of Eastkick Scam Or Legit

1. Domain Age

The first factor that reveals the authenticity of any website is its domain age. The chances of getting scammed are high when a website is a newbie and the more experienced the website the lesser will be the chances of getting scammed.

Eastkick is registered on 28th Feb 2022. It means the website is just a few months old thus it lacks experience and credibility.

2. Contact Details

The website has clearly provided the contact details.  It has provided both contact details and email addresses which is a positive point.

3. Website Content

The website content doesn’t seem original. Only 15 percent of the content is unique. It is a negative point.

4. Trust Score

The trust score for this website is another factor that helps us in identifying scam websites. Based on the trust factor, the Eastkick too seems a suspicious site as it has amassed a trust score of just 1%.

5. Social Media Presence

The website contains all social media icons and they function well. It is active on social media handles including, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. They have more than 100K followers on Instagram and Facebook.

6. Customer Reviews

We were able to spot a few customer reviews for Eastkick, and most of them are positive.

7. Physical Address

The website also has not provided its physical addresses. It is a negative point.

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Final Verdict

Considering all the above factors, we have come to the conclusion that Eastkick is currently not reliable. So, buyers must beware for now.

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