Is Fringeone Scam? Legitimacy Check [September 2022]

The latest website to get traction online is Fringeone and buyers are wondering to know if it is a scam or a legit portal. If you are among the buyers looking for the legitimacy of Fringeonem, we have got you covered. Below is all the detail about whether Fringeone is a scam or a legit portal.

If you are reading this article before buying any product from Fringeone, congratulations you are an informed buyer so, you also are less likely to encounter scams while buying online. However, if you are reading this article after placing an order, you must make a habit of checking the legitimacy of online sites before relying on them.

There are several ways to reveal the legitimacy of online websites. From reading customer reviews to checking the site on a trust score detector, there are multiple ways you can ascertain the legitimacy of an online site. You can also reach blogs like ours to find unbiased reviews for all the trending websites. After all, spending a few minutes reading the reviews is far better than losing money at the hands of online crooks.

Now that you are a responsible internet user, and have information about ways to check the legitimacy of online sites,  you must also inform your circle about the importance of reading website reviews before making online deals. It will help people spend wisely and get quality products.

The latest website that we are going to write a review about is ‘Fringeone’. Keep reading to know whether Fringeone is a scam or a legit site.

Is Fringeone Scam Or A Legit Website?

Image Of Is Fringeone Scam Or A Legit Website

Fringeone is an eCommerce portal that specializes in selling apparel. The website also gives huge discounts thus it has got attention of many online buyers.

Considering the hot discount deals on this site, some users are suspicious about the legitimacy of this site. If you are among these buyers who are reluctant to rely on this site, read the below paragraphs as we have tried to ascertain its legitimacy based on several factors.

Below are the factors that we would discuss in detail to scrutinize the legitimacy of Fringeone.

  • Domain Age
  • Customer Reviews
  • Social Media Presence
  • Trust Score
  • Contact Information

Fringeone Customer Reviews

Image Of Fringeone Customer Reviews

1. Domain Age

The main rule of thumb that we usually share with our readers to asses a website is: “the older the domain age, the more credible will be online site.” It is because most online websites that are scams cannot survive for long. And websites that deal with their customers well and are authentic will last longer.

Considering this rule of thumb, we will declare Fringeone a potential scam as it is being registered just a few months back. Fringeone was registered on 28th April 2022 and thus is only a few months old.

2. Customer Reviews

We were unable to find any customer reviews of Fringeone, which is again a negative point.

3. Social Media Presence

The website is not available on all of the major social media platforms. Another red flag!

4. Trust Score

Ginger And Smart have amassed a trust score of 1%, which is a pathetic score.

5. Contact Information

The website has provided an email address but the contact number is missing. It again influences the website negatively.

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The Bottom Line

Following all the information provided above, we have come to the verdict that, Fringeone is a potential scam. Thus, buyers must not rely on it momentarily. If you still want to make a deal with this site, it is totally your call.

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