Is Ibone Store Scam? Unbiased Website Review [January 2023]

Ibone Store is a website that deals in a huge variety of t-shirts but users perceive the store to be a scam. If you too are eyeing buying some t-shirts from this website, we have got you covered. Here is everything you need to know about whether Ibone Store is a scam website or legit.

While shopping online, one golden rule that you should never forget is that never rely on a website before checking its legitimacy. If you fail to assess the legitimacy of online sites before making a deal with them, you are most likely to lose both your time and resources. Thus, to avoid encountering scams, you must run online research to assess the legitimacy of websites.

It has become essential for online buyers to be cautious while dealing online. Online scams have increased to a maximum level and internet users are most likely to fall for these scams. There are several options following which you can assess the legitimacy of online websites. You can check online test score detectors or simply read the customer reviews for the websites to find the legitimacy.

If you don’t know where exactly to start, just read our blogs to find the legitimacy of all trending websites. In today’s blog we will be revealing the true face of Ibone Store. Let’s find out whether Ibone Store is a scam or a legit place to buy from.

Is Ibone Store Scam Or Legit?

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Before getting into the depth of whether Ibone Store is a scam or a legit portal, let’s look at what the website sells to its customers: is a viral commercial online store that sells a variety of t-shirts. T-shirts available on this site are designed in different ways. The shirts have different themes printed on them. From shirts with themes related to animals, fire, and vibrant colors, the website has a huge collection of catchy T-shirts.

What is the best part of this website is that you can send them customized designs and get them printed for yourself. The website claims that over 25% of the T-shirt designs available on the site are suggested by their customers.

There are more than 61 designs in hoodies while 405 round-neck T-shirt designs. You can also customize a design for yourself by sending them your desired details via email.

To assess whether this website is a scam or legit, we have scrutinized it on the below factors:

  • Domain age
  • Trust score
  • Owner details
  • Contact Number
  • Customer Reviews

Let’s discuss each of the above factors to find the legitimacy of Ibone Store. Stay tuned!

Ibone Store Customer Reviews

Image Of Ibone Store Customer Reviews

1. Domain age

The Ibone Store is created on 9th October 2021.  It means the website is more than a year old. Based on its age we can declare it to be legit.

2. Trust Score

The trust score index for the website shows a score of 45%, which is a below-average score. We often suggest our readers shop from websites with a high trust score so, so Ibone Store’s trust score also is not reliable.

3. Owner Details

The owner’s detail is not easily accessible.

4. Contact Details

The website has provided an email address and phone number but the physical address of the company is missing. It is again a negative point.

5. Customer Reviews

We were unable to find any customer reviews on the website but it has got 2.5/5 stars on Facebook. Several YouTube videos have declared it to be legit but the customer service seems to be awful.

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Final Verdict

Based on all the above factors we have come to the conclusion that Ibone Store seems suspicious and a potential scam. So, buyers must not rely on it for now.

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