Is Impenk Scam? An Unbiased Review [June 2022]

An online T-shirt store ‘Impenk’ is going viral on the internet and users are digging to know whether or not it is a scam. If you have got attracted by the T-shirt collection on the Impenk website, read this review before buying anything.

Online shopping has remained no safer now as the internet is full of bogus websites. Scammers are adopting professional behavior to catch their prey and unfortunately, several users are falling into their traps.

If you are not doing prior research before making a purchase from any random website, there is a possibility that you will get scammed. The bogus websites look so genuine that innocent online shoppers are getting scammed with each passing day.

Most often such websites either send you low-quality products or they may even not send you anything even after taking your money. Thus, to be on the safe side, it is crucial to look for the legitimacy of websites before finalizing any deal with them.

Currently, ‘Impenk’ the online T-shirt store is going viral on the internet, so we have come up with an unbiased review. Read the article till the end to find the legitimacy of Impenk.

Is Impenk Legit?

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Before diving into the depth of whether this website ‘Impenk’ is a scam or a legit one, let’s first discuss the products it is currently offering.

As per the Impenk website, it specializes in delivering high-quality T-shirts. It is a sole enterprise that is selling unisex T-shirts to its customers. You will find a wide variety of T-shirts of different materials and costs on their website.

Most of the T-shirts that we saw on the website are in black color. However, you can find many other colors as well.

Now, this was what products we saw on the Impenk website, this is now time to look into the legitimacy of this website.

To assess whether or not Impenk is a scam, we have looked into the following aspects of the site:

  • Domain Age
  • Trust Score
  • Customer Reviews
  • Contact Information
  • Social Media Presence
  • Owner’s information

Let’s discuss all the above aspects in detail to find Impenk’s legitimacy.

Impenk Customer Reviews

Image Of Impenk Customer Reviews

1. Domain Age

Impenk is registered on 27th March 2022 and it is just 2 months and a few days old. Based on its age, the website is currently not reliable. So, for its age, we would consider the website a red flag.

2. Trust Score

The trust score for the website shows a score of just 2%, which is a poor result. We often suggest our readers shop from websites with a high trust score so, Impenk, doesn’t fall on our terms. It further has earned 46.2 out of 100 on the trust index which is again below the average score.

3. Customer Reviews

Customer Review of any website is the most authentic source for a shopper to predict the credibility of any website. In the case of web stores, online shoppers always look for customer reviews before placing an order.

Unfortunately, we were not able to spot any customer reviews for Impenk, which is again a red flag. Neither on their website nor on the internet we were able to spot any customer reviews.

4. Social Media Presence

Impenk is not available on any of the major social media sites which is again a negative point.

5. Owner’s Information

The owner’s details are not available on the site. It also lacks a contact number on the platform. It only has provided an email address, which is not enough for the shoppers to rely on the web store.

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The Final Verdict

Based on the above information, the website doesn’t seem to be a legitimate one. So, shoppers must beware!

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