Is Lupinstar A Legit Website? Unbiased Review [February 2022]

Websites that deal in technology-related products are soaring with each passing day. Amid this uprise, a new tech site, Lupinstar has hopped on to the internet and users are looking to know whether or not it is a legit website. If you are among these users, here is everything you need to know about this trendy website.

Whether you are looking to buy a pair of shoes online or are looking to get a new phone, it is always a wise idea to check the legitimacy of the website before placing an order. Online scams are soaring to an alarming level and users are getting scammed each day. To avoid such incidents, we all must unite to unveil the scam sites so that no innocent internet users get scammed.

In our journey to unveil scam sites, today we are here with an unbiased review of Lupinstar which deals in technological products mainly, mobile phones and iPods. If you have found a low-cost mobile phone on the Lupinstar website, don’t place an order before you read this article till the end. Here is everything you need to figure out about the legitimacy of the online website Lupinstar.

Lupinstar Reviews

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Lupinstar is a new, India-based technical website that deals in mobile phones, iPods, and several other products on their website. Some of the prominent products that we found on the website include branded watches, mobile phones, chargers, and iPods of different companies.

Alongside a wide collection of products, the website is getting traction for its low prices as well. Users from all around the world have stopped to check the deals available on the website. The affordable prices are forcing people to rely on the website but we would suggest you not fall for this trap.

This is usually the tactic of scam sites. The fraudulent sites often give luring offers to trap people online. So, let’s discuss the legitimacy of the website in detail.

Is Lupinstar A Scam

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To assess whether or not the Lupinstar website is a legit deal, we have evaluated the site upon the following factors.

  • Domain Age
  • Contact Details
  • Trust Score
  • Social Media Presence
  • Customer Reviews
  • Physical Address

Number One: Domain Age

The foremost factor that helps us understand the legitimacy of a website is the site’s domain. As of writing, the Lupinstar website is just one month old and it is a newbie.

We often suggest our readers not to rely on inexperienced websites as they possess higher chances of being a scam. Similar is the case with Lupinstar, it is a newly registered website thus shoppers must wait for a few months before placing an order.

Number Two: Contact Details

The website has provided a contact number and also an address that shows the company is located in Gujrat India.

The website also has provided their email address which doesn’t relate to the domain name of the website. The email address reads, [email protected].

Number Three: Trust Score

The website has hardly boasted a trust score of 14.9, which is not enough to prove the legitimacy of an online website.

Number Four: Social Media Presence

The website possesses no social media icons and it also is not available on any of the social media platforms which is a red flag.

Number Five: Customer Reviews

We were unable to spot any Lupinstar customer reviews online which again is a red flag.

Number six: Physical Presence

The company is located somewhere in Gujrat India and the physical address is provided on the website.

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The Final Verdict

Based on the above details we couldn’t prove Lupinstar as a legit website, thus online shoppers are suggested not to fall for the enticing offers.

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