Is Nutriblade A Legit Website? Here’s An Unbiased Review

Internet users from Canada have come across a website named ‘Nutriblade’, which claims to sell organic juice. The products available on the website look healthy and enticing but users are trying to figure out if Nutriblade is a legit site or not. If you are among these users looking for the legitimacy of Nutriblade, here we have gathered all the details you are looking for.

As the majority of businesses have shifted to online platforms, users have got the ease to get their favorite products delivered on their doorsteps but with these conveniences have come some drawbacks. Considering the traction that online businesses have got, scammers have also rolled their sleeves up. Thus, it has now become crucial for online buyers to look for the legitimacy of websites before placing an order.

To help our readers make productive deals, we always try our best to provide unbiased reviews of websites. This time we are here to help you know whether or not Nutriblade is a legit website or not.  Read this article till the end to figure out the legitimacy of

Nutriblade Reviews

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Nutriblade is a trendy website that deals in fresh and organic juices. Its most prominent product is wheatgrass juice which has earned popularity across Canada.

This eCommerce website is a popular healthy drink seller in Canada and it is being followed by thousands of customers.

As far as the website outlook is concerned, it is a highly professional and well-maintained website. The site contains a total of 6 tabs titled, (Contact, The Blade, Drinks, Shops, Our Story, and Locator).

The tab titled ‘our story’ contains multiple blogs while you can shop its products by tapping on the tab titled ‘shop’. As soon as you tap on the ‘Shop’ option you will get directed to Amazon where it sells its products.

However, following the ‘Locator’ tab you will be able to find the nearest store from where you can get the Nutriblade products. You can choose your favorite fruit drink from the ‘Drinks’ tab as it provides information related to the available flavors. The available organic juice flavors are, (SweetPear, Wheatgrass, Tart Cherry, and others). The blog section explains all the products in detail.

Is Nutriblade A Scam?

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To help you ascertain the website’s legitimacy we have assessed the Nutriblade website on the following factors:

  • Domain Age
  • Contact Details
  • Trust Score
  • Social Media Presence
  • Customer Reviews
  • Physical Address

Let’s explain each of the above factors in detail.

Domain Age

The website was registered on 17th July 2014 and is currently 7-years-old. This is a good point to prove the website’s legitimacy as most scam sites cannot survive for long.

Contact Details

The website provides a legit phone number and email address which is another strong point to reveal the legitimacy of this website. The phone number provided on the site is 419.666.1132 and you can also contact them on the email address [email protected].

Trust Score

The website has boasted 86% in the trust score index which is an excellent score. Yet another positive point to prove the legitimacy of the website.

Social Media Presence

The website contains social media icons that are connected to the social media handles of Nutriblade. The social media pages are also active having a considerable number of followers.

Customer Reviews

There are plenty of Nutriblade customer reviews available and most of the reviews are in favor of the website.

Physical Address

The company is physically present on 29180, Glenwood Rd., Perrysburg, OH-43551, and the address is 100% legit.

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The Final Verdict

This was all about whether or not Nutriblade is a legit website. Hopefully, you have got enough information to make a wise decision. Good Luck!

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