Is Tleaeeg Scam? Unbiased Website Review [Oct 2022]

Tleaeeg is the current trending online website that deals in a variety of men’s wear, but buyers are reluctant to buy considering it a scam. Are you among such customers who are confused about the legitimacy of this site? If yes, we have got your back. Here we have provided an unbiased review for Tleaeeg to help you scrutinize its legitimacy. Keep reading to get all the details.

Shopping online was never so much difficult as it has become now. Hundreds and thousands of online buyers get looted each day at the hands of crooks.

Considering the increasing popularity of online sites, crooks have made a strong presence online with their bogus sites. They have become professional scammers so buyers cannot realize the difference between a scam and a legit site.

We cannot agree more with the fact that it is quite a difficult task to identify a website that delivers quality products at reasonable prices whilst maintaining the highest customer service standards. Though there are websites that meet the required standards, bogus websites created a huge difficulty for online buyers.

Thus, to save your money from being looted at the hands of crooks, it is essential for all online buyers to do legitimacy checks. In today’s article, we will be revealing the true face of Tleaeeg which is a men’s apparel store. Keep reading to find its legitimacy!

Is Tleaeeg Scam Or Legit?

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As explained earlier, Tleaeeg is an online apparel store that specifically addresses the fashion needs of men. It has a huge and chic collection of apparel for men.

The site claims to have quality products at reasonable prices. It also claims that they give a 100% money-back guarantee on all its products.

It further supports a variety of payment methods including American Express, Discover, Visa, and MasterCard. The website also provides free shipping on products worth $39 or above.

Below are a few products we were able to spot on the website:

  • Jackets
  • Coats
  • T-shirts
  • Pullovers

To assess whether the claims made by this site are legit or not, we have assessed the site on the below factors:

  • Domain age
  • Trust score
  • Owner details
  • Contact Number
  • Customer Reviews

Let’s explain each of the above factors to find whether this website is a scam or a legit shop to buy from.

Tleaeeg Customer Reviews

Image Of Tleaeeg Customer Reviews

1. Domain age

As per the available information, the domain registration date of Tleaeeg is created on 1st September 2022.  It means the website is just a month old. Based on its age we cannot declare this website to be legit.

2. Trust Score

The trust score index for the website shows a score of 1%, which is again a negative point. We often suggest our readers shop from websites with a high trust score so, Tleaeeg doesn’t fall in this category.

3. Owner Details

The owner’s detail is not provided on the website.

4. Contact Details

The website has provided an email address and the company’s physical address but the phone number is missing. It is again a negative point.

5. Customer Reviews

We were unable to find any customer reviews on the website. The website is available on Facebook and we were able to spot two reviews there. Both the reviews available on their Facebook account are negative which again is a negative point.

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Final Verdict

Based on all the above factors we have come to the conclusion that Tleaeeg is a potential scam site. So, buyers must not rely on it for now.

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