Is Zizmall A Scam? Everything You Need To Know

The latest eCommerce store that is making rounds on the internet is ‘Zizmall’ and shoppers are wondering to know if it’s a legit deal or a scam. If you are among such online buyers who are eyeing a few products on Zizmall, here we have broken down everything about the site. Keep reading and get to know everything about this online store.

With the number of online markets establishing at a rapid speed, the number of crooks is also increasing at a higher pace. Considering the surge in bogus websites online, it is quite difficult for users to differentiate between legit and scam sites.

A similar website named “Zizmall” is currently trending across the internet. But the majority of the online shoppers are considering this website suspicious. To assess whether or not it is a scam we have crafted this blog. Here you will get to know all the essential details about this viral website.

Without wasting any more time, let’s plunge into the details and check whether Zizmall is a scam or a legit website.

Is Zizmall A Legit Website?

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Before getting into the depth of whether or not Zizmall is a scam site, let’s figure out what the website actually deals in.

Zizmall is an online shopping site that mainly deals in apparel. As revealed by their website, they specialize in designing shoes, caps, watches, backpacks, and apparel. The specialty of this website is, that they claim to deliver high-quality accessories at the least possible prices.

Ever since its start, the company also has partnered with several huge companies and corporations, small companies, and sports enthusiasts.

Some of the products that we were able to spot on the website include:

  • Men’s Boxer
  • T-shirts for men and women
  • Underwear for both men and women
  • Hoodies
  • Women comfort slippers
  • Socks
  • Camisoles
  • Cotton Tank Tops for Women
  • Active footwear

To assess the legitimacy of Zizmall, we have assessed the website upon the followings factors:

  • Customer reviews
  • Domain age
  • Social media presence
  • Website’s content quality
  • Company address and other important information

Let’s assess all the above factors in detail to figure out if Zizmall is a scam.

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Is Zizmall A Scam Site?

Image Of Is Zizmall A Scam Site

1. Customer Reviews

To find the legitimacy of this viral website, we did extensive research both on the site and on other platforms.

In online shopping, the most important tool that buyers consider while purchasing a product is the customer review but Zizmall lacks customer reviews. This isn’t a common practice for legit websites hence it creates doubts about the legitimacy of Zizmall.

2. Domain age

The website age is another important factor to assess the legitimacy of a site. If a website is freshly registered, it is risky while the more experienced the website is, the more will be its credibility.

The domain of Zizmall is registered on 5th May 2022 hence it is not even a month old. The website lacks experience hence shoppers0020must beware.

3. Social Media Presence

The website has an active Facebook page but it lacks engagement.

4. Website Content Quality

The content available on the site seems to be plagiarized another red flag!

5. Company address and other important information

The website has provided an email address and the owner of the company is specified as ‘Zizmall Ltd’. The company is based in London.

The payment method is not specified on the website which is a matter of concern.

The Final Verdict

After considering all the important points we have come to the conclusion that Zizmall isn’t a trustworthy website for now. So, users must not rely on this newbie.

2 thoughts on “Is Zizmall A Scam? Everything You Need To Know”

  1. Fuyez!!!
    Je peux vous confirmer que ce site est un scam.
    J’ai acheté une paire de chaussures Timberland, je n’ai reçu qu’un pauvre petit mail quelques jours apres, pour dire qu’ils ont recu mon paiement, depuis, plus rien, cela fait 15 jours depuis que j’ai effectué l’achat.

    Run away from this web site it’s a scam

    j’ai commandé une robe sur le site, j’ai bien eu la confirmation de paiement , ça fait maintenant 1 mois, je n’est pas reçu ma commande et je ne peux plus accéder au site internet puis le mai qu’il mon donnée n’est pas bon. A FUIR


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