Google Security Alert Scam — How To Recognize It?

The most trusted Google Security Alert feature by Google has turned into a scam. Scammers are exploiting this security feature to trick the users. If you are not aware of this scam, here is all about this viral scam.

Originally, the Google Critical Security Alert is designed to warn users about potentially unauthorized access to their accounts. This very useful security feature has helped people to make their accounts and data secure but in some recent days, a scam is reported that is exploiting this feature to trick innocent users. Now, it is important for users to be vigilant when they receive a security alert as it might be the viral Google Security Alert Scam.

To recognize this scam, users must be vigilant and they must have all details about this fraud. Here is who you must react to such scam emails. Stay Tuned!

What Is Google Security Alert Scam

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Google Security Alert Scam is a new trick that imitates Google’s Critical Security Alert feature. Google’s Critical Security Alert is a quite useful feature that notifies the users when an unrecognized device logs into their Google account. Whether it’s the real owner of the account or a perpetrator, Google sends an email in either way. If it wasn’t the user, he/she takes immediate action to secure his/her account. This way, the crucial Google Security Alert Scam has helped people secure their accounts.

The majority of the users receive this alert when they purchase a new device or log in to their device from a device other than he/she uses regularly.  You may also receive an alert if you are browsing behind a proxy or a VPN server that changes your IP Address.

However, scammers have found a way to exploit this really beneficial alert feature. Crooks are sending emails that resemble the emails sent by Google. These fake emails usually present one of two scenarios.

  • The email claims to notify users of a new attempted sign-in. They further claim that Google blocked the attempt, and asks the user to check their activity. But here, the button that normally leads to Google security page will direct you to a malicious website from where malware downloads directly onto your device.
  • In second case, the email notifies of unauthorized access and asks the users to reset their password by clicking on a button. Upon clicking on the button, users get directed to a suspicious website that resembles to that of legitimate Google login page. When the user tries to reset the password all his/her important credentials will directly be sent to the scammer.

Is Google Security Alert A Scam

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If you have received any such email, here is how to deal with it.

1. Check for the legitimacy

Initially, ask yourself if you have logged in using a new device. Or you may also are using any VPN. If yes, the email might be a legitimate one.

2. Check who the sender is

Look for the sender’s details, and check if the email is received from a legitimate Google account or not. Hover over the sender; do not click on the link provided in the email.

3. Check the quality of text

The legitimate email will not contain any spelling mistakes if you find any that isn’t a legitimate one.

4. Never click on any link or button

Do not click on the buttons and links as they may take you to a suspicious website. It may also directly download any malware on your device.

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Last Words

This was all about the Google Security Alert Scam and ways to avoid it. Hopefully, the website has provided all information you needed to know.

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