Is Zkovts Scam? Unbiased Website Review [Nov 2022]

The latest online website to attract online shoppers from across the globe is Zkovts but buyers are reluctant to rely on it as it is a potential scam. If you are among the online shopping enthusiasts eyeing some amazing products on Zkovts website, you must read this review first. At the end of the unbiased review, you will be able to make a decision about whether or not you should buy the product from this site. Keep reading to get all the details about whether or not Zkovts is a scam.

After the pandemic hit the world, the majority of businesses have started to serve their customers using online platforms. Following this change, users have got the ease to get their favorite products delivered to their doorsteps. However, with this convenience have come some drawbacks also.

After considering the limelight that online shopping has gotten recently, scammers also have rolled their sleeves up and have made a strong presence online. Keeping in mind this increasing number of scams, it is essential for buyers to look for the legitimacy of websites before placing an order.

There are several ways to check the legitimacy of a social media platform. By simply doing prior research about a platform, you can save time and resources. If you don’t have enough time to do the research, what you should do is follow our blog to get legit reviews for all the trending websites.

In today’s blog, we are going to provide all the details about whether Zkovts is a scam or a legit website.

Is Zkovts Legit Or Scam?

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Before checking the legitimacy of this site, let’s first look at what the website has on its shelves.

Zkovts is an online portal that has a variety of products. From home décor items to kitchenware, you are going to get a variety of products from this online site.

The website claims to give legit products at reasonable prices. It also provides exclusive deals at discounted prices and this is the reason why online shoppers are not sure about the site’s legitimacy.

Some of the major products that we were able to spot on the site include:

  • Corn Strippers
  • Food Scrappers
  • Vases
  • Sink Filter Drainers
  • Chopping boards
  • Hanging Dustbins
  • Cookie rolling pins
  • Boiling and steaming pots

The starting price for the products is $19 and the highest price for any product is $79. The website claims to give the best products and services in the world.

Well, to assess the legitimacy of these claims and products, we have assessed the Zkovts website on the below factors:

  • Domain Age
  • Contact Details
  • Trust Score
  • Social Media Presence
  • Customer Reviews
  • Physical Address

Let’s explain all the above factors in detail.

Zkovts Customer Reviews

Image Of Zkovts Customer Reviews

Domain Age

The domain for Zkovts was registered on 10th June 2022. Considering the domain age, Zkovts is not even a year old. The domain is scheduled to expire on 10th June 2022. So, we would not suggest you to rely on this website momentarily.

Contact Details

The only contact detail that we were able to spot on the website is the email address. You can contact the company at the email address. Neither the site has provided any contact number nor have they revealed their physical address. There also is no information about the company’s owner. This is again a red flag.

Trust Score

The website has boasted a low trust score. It has just boasted a trust score of 1% which is again a pathetic score. It again makes the website hard to be relied on.

Social Media Presence

The website ‘Zkovts’ is not available on any of the social media platforms. It also doesn’t feature any social media icon on the platform. This is again a negative point because lacking social media presence is not a common practice of legit companies.

Customer Reviews

We were unable to find any customer reviews for Neither on the website nor on the internet, there are no customer reviews for Zkovts. Another red flag!

Physical Address

There is no information about the company’s physical address.

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The Final Verdict

Based on all the information provided above, we have come to the conclusion that this Zkovts website seems to be a scam. So, momentarily, shoppers must not rely on it.

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