ITC Agency Matrix Data Breach — All Details Provided

Customers are worried as the news related to ITC Agency Matrix Data Breach is flaunting on various internet platforms. If you are here to know whether or not it stands true then here is all the available information about ITC Agency Matrix Data Breach.

Being one of the most popular web-based insurance management systems, ITC Agency Matrix has helped thousands of companies to increase their efficiency, productivity and sales. It is well known for its affordable prices and features that no other company can ever achieve. The agency further claims that they help you reach the highest level of productivity using their cloud-based software.

It further works like an automated agent robot that completes your work ahead of any of your competitors. Best feature it provides is that you can manage your business from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, it eliminates all the lengthy administrative processes and allows you to grow faster.

Though ITC Agency Matrix works smoothly but in recent days, customers are worried about the news that talks about the data breach. Let’s discover what the customers think about this data breach scam.

ITC Agency Matrix

Image Of ITC Agency Matrix

ITC Agency Matrix is quite popular among business from different counties. It is known for the following business solutions:

  • It provides a 100% Cloud-based System to companies.
  • Known for Providing online training videos
  • Helps you in payment processing
  • Unlimited database for clients
  • Import customers/prospects
  • Task calendar
  • Export Contract/ Policy Data
  • ITC Agency Matrix has various Communication tools that will help you to connect with your customers in a prompt and efficient way
  • E-Signatures

Here, it is important to know that Agency Matrix and ITC (Insurance Technologies Cooperation) are two separate entities. They are working together in a partnership since early 2020. Agency Matrix was working as a separate entity since its commencement in 2004, while ITC is operational since 1983.

In response to the partnership between these two companies, clients of Agency Matrix of customers can now get access to the ITC’s marketing products and services while the customers of ITC can get access to the Agency Matrix management system and other features.

ITC Agency Matrix Scam

The ITC Agency Matrix is famous for its affordable price range. The pricing management systems it provides are as follows:

  • Lite- setup cost is $199, and Base Price is $69/month
  • Gold- setup cost- $399 and Base Price $129/month
  • Platinum- Setup cost- $499 and Base Price- $179/month
  • Diamond- Setup cost- $599 and Base Price- $289/month
  • Enterprise- Setup cost- $599 and Base Price- 419/month

The different pricing levels enable the businesses to grow using plans they can afford. Some clients perceive it as the best solution for insurance companies as they have the best insurance systems currently. Agency Matrix is also best for Brokers currently working in the United States.

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Agency Matrix Data Breach

Image Of ITC Agency Matrix Scam

After going through the customer reviews and testimonials section we have found no clue of any data breach. Customers are content with the performance and here are some of the customer reviews for your guidance:

Juan Contreras — President of Fase Insurance Group says; “Now with Agency Matrix it’s a lot easier. We see it all in one shot, in one screen, in one software where we can handle everything we need to do in a faster time and it lets us focus on what is really important.”

President Trevco Insurance, Michael Trevino says, Agency Matrix has all the tools you need to run your business. It’s one of the most robust agency management systems out there.”

Final Verdict

After doing an extensive research we have come to the conclusion that ITC Agency Matrix isn’t involved in any sort of data breach. Drop a comment in the below comment box to let us know if we have missed something about the Agency Matrix Data Breach.

9 thoughts on “ITC Agency Matrix Data Breach — All Details Provided”

  1. I received a letter from them that my personal info, SS #, driver’s license #, user names and passwords were part of a data breach Feb 27,2021.
    I had never heard of them or used them for any insurance management – I am an individual, not a company. They suggested changing all passwords and contacting the 3 credit agencies. I have used credit freeze for years and feel safe. I plan on throwing this paper away after checking with your website. Anderson, SC

  2. ITC Agency Systems had a data Breach on February 27, 2021, Customers just received notification. Coincidentally, Chase Bank and Meta Bank had thousands of fraudulent accounts opened a week later, causing thousands of ID thefts. What does it take to open a checking account? Name, address and Drivers license. The exact data breached by ITC. Credit Bureau reporting is useless, because credit is not determined to open a Bank checking account. Drivers license data is the key factor here.

  3. I received a letter from itc agency matrix stating I had a data breach however I had never heard of this company till today.. so is the letter a scam?

  4. Odd. I got a letter from ITC Agency Matrix dated 5/ 10/21 advising they where breached on or about 2/27/2021

  5. I received a formal letter stating that a data breach did occur, the letter is dated May 10, 2021, the letter details what happened, what information was involved, what they are doing and what I can do. The letter encourages me to enroll for a year of free credit monitoring/Identity Restoration Services with MyTrueIdentity provided by TransUnion.

  6. Just received a letter from ITC Agency Matrix, notifying me of Data Breach on 2-27-2021. They stated recommendations to change passwords, etc. and have a phone number to call! The phone number is USELESS….No information on what company or companies were breached? So….how do I know which passwords to change? HELLO…. But they tell you to call your insurance company to see if they use this service? REALLY? What is the purpose of this letter? SMH…..

  7. I received the same letter dated May 10 2021. Never heard of them. Also got a similar letter from company called Automation. They basically say the same things call and get 12momth free with 3 credit office. But look at your date different from other format on paper like it was added or pasta on
    .Scam to me

  8. I suspect this is a sales scam. You basically have to read their product pitch, then get the one sentence stating there is no evidence of a data breach.
    If this is a sales pitch or scam, they should be sued!

  9. My mother and I both received identical letters today dated June 1, 2021. My letter was in my former married name. Never heard of this company and agree it is a scare tactic for you to contact them. Throwing these away.


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