What Does Sus Mean on TikTok and Snap Chat? Why People Use This Slang?

Time has become precious for many in today’s world. So, people use a short cut where available to save time to utilize it for any other activity. Similarly, on social media, people use slang instead of whole sentences or phrases.

Well, we will talk about a slang circulating on social media. If you are a Snap Chat or TikTok user, you may have seen ‘sus’. What does this slang mean?

Many of the social media users use slangs because to write the entire sentence or phrase has become old. They use slang to make their posts cool. Maybe they become boring to write the entire sentence or phrase. Currently, the use of slang in posts has gained more popularity, and people had become used to it.

Most of the young generation who use social media come up with such short words while making posts. It is not necessary to associate this with youngsters; elders also use slangs for any reason. Like if they want to hide or make it possible to understand by specific people. It may contain any adult words or a special message.

Slangs are moslty used when people wants to share some secret meaning within the circle of the people they know in form of words or numbers. They do this to not make it not understandable to everyone because someone’s feelings might be hurt.

What Does Sus Mean on TikTok?

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Here is the explanation of what does sus mean TikTok. On social media, this word is used to represent when someone has done something unusual or weird. So we can say, the word is shorter for Suspicious or Suspected. Well, sus meaning can be different for different posts depending on why and when it is used.

For instance, when someone comes to you and says I like vanilla flavor ice-cream then others. There you could say that`s sus. Which means you don’t like at all vanilla ice-cream.

When you see in the urban dictionary for the meaning of this word, then you will find this slang is short for suspicion. So, the word can be normally used for any disagreement or suspicion towards someone or something.

What Does Sus Mean on Snap Chat?

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On Snap Chat there is no specific meaning for sus. It is the same as on TikTok, used for disagreement or suspicion. On Snap Chat when someone accidently say a gay or sexually to a person near to him it is also a sus.

Snap Chat is mainly famous amoung the young generation. So the use of slang is usual for them on social media. You will find lots of slangs on Snap Chat and also you will come to see this slang for sure if you are using this social media app as it is used most of the time on it.

Other Meanings of this Slang

The meaning of this word in urban dictionary is suspect or suspicoius. The definition of this slang in the oxford dictionary is ‘giving the impression that something is questionable or dishonest; suspicious. Informally, it is also denoting a law which a person could be arrested on suspicion of having committed an offense.

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Slangs have become an essential part of social media. This word is not only for TikTok and Snap Chat users. Other social media platforms users like Facebook, Messenger, Reddit, and also in general texting they regularly use this slang.

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Social media users especially youth make new short words for posting to avoid themselves form writing long sentences. The use of slang on social media has become a trend now.

Sus which is a slang used to indicate something suspicious. This slang is mainly used by TikTok and Snap Chat users but also it is popular on other social media platforms.

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