Kiansantan.Com Review — Unbiased Review[April 2022]

An online platform ‘Kiansantan.Com’ is getting popularity across the internet and users are looking for an honest review. If you are confused about whether or not to invest in this website, we have got you covered. This article will provide an honest review and information about the website’s (Kiansantan.Com) legitimacy.

Online shopping is getting popular across the globe. We are witnessing the boom of online shopping as hundreds of websites are joining online platforms with each passing day. Following this sudden surge in the number of online shopping platforms, it has become difficult for users to differentiate between legit and fake websites.

To help our readers make worthy deals, we always try to give unbiased reviews related to online websites. Following our tradition, we are again here with the review of Kiansantan.Com, the current viral online platform.

Is Kiansantan.Com A Legit Website?

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Before getting into the depth of whether or not this website is a legit one, let’s understand what the website deals in.

The viral website Kiansantan.Com deals in both male and female apparel. Alongside both male and female dresses, you will also find fashionable hanging chairs and many other accessories on this website.

The website claims to offer quality products and say that several customers have had good experience with their products. They further add that customer satisfaction is their priority, thus they do not compromise on the quality.

Some of the products that we were able to spot on Kiansantan.Com are as follow.

  • Polo Shirts For Men
  • Activewear For Men
  • Tops For Women
  • Hats
  • Sunglasses
  • Shirts For Women
  • Blouses For Women
  • Denim For Women
  • Stylish Hanging Chairs

As far as the appearance of products is concerned, they look like quality products. But below we will explore whether they are actually reliable or not.

To find out whether or not Kiansantan.Com is a legit website, we have assessed the online shopping store upon the following factors:

Domain age

Customer Reviews

Social Media Presence

Trust Score

Owner and Contact Details

Company presence.

Let’s discuss each of the above factors in detail.

Is Kiansantan.Com A Scam?

Image Of Is Kiansantan.Com A Scam

1. Domain Age:

The website is a newbie as it is registered recently. The domain creation date is 21st March 2022 and it is just a month old. On the basis of the website’s age, we would suggest you not rely on it for now. Wait for the website to grow and make a deal after a few months if the website keeps working well.

2. Customer Reviews

As the website is just a month old, we were unable to spot any reviews online. Neither on the internet nor on their website, there are no customer reviews for Kiansantan.Com to be found.

3. Social Media Presence

This website is not present on any of the social media platforms. We are also unable to find any social media icons on this website.

4. Trust Score

The website has amassed a 1% trust score which is a poor score. Following this score, we cannot trust the website at all.

5. Owner and Contact Details

The website details are verified as per WHOIS but it lacks the owner details on their official portal. However, there is an email address for customer queries.

6. Company Presence

The website has provided its physical address and it is located in Liverpool, L33 7SZ, UK, Uz002- Matalan Perimeter Road, Knowsley Industrial Park, Knowsley.

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The Final Verdict

Considering the above factors, we would suggest you not rely on the website for now. Research well before relying on Kiansantan.Com. We would also request you to wait for a few months before making any decision about this website.

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