Is That Vegan Teacher Dead On Earthday 2022? Debunked

The vegan teacher (TikTok’s animal activist) has been subject to several rumors recently and now on Earthday 2022, internet users are claiming that she is dead. Is That Vegan Teacher dead on Earthday 2022? Let’s explore here.

Alongside being the most popular application for entertainment, TikTok also is home to several rumors. The latest rumor that is trending on the internet right now is claiming that The Vegan Teacher is dead on Earthday 2022.

Kadie Karen Diekmeyer aka That Vegan Teacher has remained one of the most controversial stars of TikTok. As this TikTok star is an animal activist, she is known for calling people not to hurt animals. She has also had controversies with people for stopping them to eat meat.

But currently, users are claiming that she has passed away. Is that Vegan Teacher really dead or it’s just another rumor? Here is everything you need to know.

Is Vegan Teacher Is Dead On Earthday 2022?

Image Of Is Vegan Teacher Is Dead On Earthday 2022

Concerned fans of That Vegan Teacher have rushed to Twitter to confirm whether or not the famous animal activist is dead on Earthday 2022.

Well, if you are among the fans of that Vegan Teacher, there is nothing to worry about. That Vegan Teacher is alive as of 22nd April 2022, (earth day). To confirm the news, we checked her social media handles and have found that she is alive, rather she is busy publishing content on her social media handles.

Just today, she posted a TikTok on her official Twitter handle. The video featured some healthy vegan snacks that she spotted at a store.

She was also seen replying to some comments on her videos. In one of her comments, she thanked one of her followers for a motivational comment. In the comment, the follower was praising her for her efforts.

Is Vegan Teacher Really Dead?

Image Of Is Vegan Teacher Really Dead

The rumor about That Vegan Teacher started surfacing on the internet followed by a Tweet that shared an image of a tombstone with That Vegan Lady’s real name, Kadie Karen Diekmeye, along with a fake date of birth and death date mentioned on it.

The caption of this Twitter post read, #VeganTeaherDied I made *That Vegan Teacher* a tombstone (i edited). Well, although the caption clearly says it is an edited image, users are tricked into believing that, that Vegan Teacher is no more.

If you are someone who believed this rumor, make sure you check the authenticity of the news before relying on it. Relying on baseless and wild speculations can disturb your peace of mind. Just like, the news of Vegan Teacher’s death hoax did to her followers.

As several users have come across this Tweet, they have rushed to figure out the authenticity of the news. Here is how some users have reacted to this death hoax:

One worried Twitter user asked, “Okay wait. WHY DID I JUST LOOK UP MORE ABOUT THE “death” of the vegan teacher only to hear that it’s A FALSE ALARM!??,”


“Help! What? Why are people saying that the vegan teacher died I’m so confused,” wrote another user.

Well, the answer to all these confusions is, No, the Vegan teacher is not dead. She is enjoying her vegan snacks and is uploading content on both her Instagram and TikTok accounts.

As a number of users are falling for rumors, it is important to understand that, you cannot rely on any wild and baseless news received from a random social media account. Before relying on any such news, make sure you are checking for its authenticity.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about the death hoax of that vegan teacher. Hopefully, you have got the answer to your questions. Let us know if you need any other related information, we are always here for help.

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