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A man living “A life Upside Down” driven out of treasures into abject poverty. It is hard to imagine a life of poverty, let alone live it. When you could afford all the riches and respect but that choice taken away from you. Poverty begets the scorn and ridicule, especially when you find yourself among the materialistic and selfish.

The greedy eyes cannot see beyond the adorned and silky skins. For them the appearance and keeping up with the Joneses is everything. When the interests are threatened, these soul-sellers can go beyond the limits to secure them and can sacrifices anything anyone, except themselves.

A Life Upside down

This story tells us how we modify our attitudes and interests based on the appearance and wealth of people. The greed and pride disable the senses to treat other humans with respect and honor. What does it cost to change the behavior? The price of this is nothing.

At the same time, it teaches us how to manage multiple challenges at a time. When used properly, the human faculties rightly, there is no hurdle in the world that one could not overcome. Yet in this journey of life, a companionship based on trust and faith could be a blessing.

How to cultivate positivity and drive out the base human feelings and attitudes this novel tells us all. The main character teaches us the benefits of humbleness and simplicity when you have nothing, and why the wealth should not define how you steer your attitude towards others.

A Life Upside Down Novel

This novel brings us the story of a man who lives a dog’s life now for the last few years. Belonging to a billionaire family, he was hounded out of the family for a crime he did not commit. Now, he must stay low key if survival is his desire. Otherwise, if he dares to show who he is, or tell the people about his family and past, no one can save him from the fangs of death.

Out of the fry-pan and into the fire. He is married to a beautiful girl in a cruel family. He must strangle his self-respect and dignity to survive now.

This family of in-laws treat their son-in-law like a pathetic dog and gives him nothing except ridicule. Not letting a single chance to treat him like trash for them their son in law is nothing more than a waste.

Among these cruel humans, his so-called wife, who just holds that title and nothing more, gives him hope and helps him remember that he is a human. But that is not enough, due to the all hatred and mockery centered at her so-called husband, she has almost given up on him to, unaware of his reality.

But he is in a dilemma. To stay out of the prying eyes of his family he must stay like this. Just a nobody somewhere in a secluded corner of the city forgetting and oblivious to his past. Meanwhile, he must face all the scorn, a complimentary provided by this way of life.

For the last four years, he has lived like this without uttering a sentence of complaint. But now the water is about to cross the head. His nominal wife, a beautiful, kindhearted girl is about to be sacrificed by her joint family to secure their business interest.

A Life Upside Down full story will reveal for you that she she is about to go out with an old, ugly man to secure a loan for the family business. This is the only way for the family and she has been chosen by the family elders for the task. The girl has no choice and must agree.

But before that, she wants to divorce her so-called husband. Because this would be unacceptable for him and her. After finding out about the situation. Her man must act, he has no choice but to take a step to save his wife from the humiliating action.

In utter despair, he is standing in limbo when his cell phone rings. On the other side is his old loyal family butler and he has a news. The grandfather who drove out this poor child years ago has died recently and before breathing his last, he realized the mistake committed a few years ago.

Repenting his action the grandfather has transferred the 70% of the inheritance to the mistreated grandson. The penniless beggar owns more than 50 billion now, turning his life upside down. He is in the position of rescuing his caring wife from the selfish extended family.

But it is not all the straight road to happiness and prosperity. He must convince her that he is capable of changing her fate. A girl who has recently decided to divorce him, to end the four year old unconsummated marriage must be convinced to take her decision back.

A Life Upside Down Chinese Novel

How would he manage to do that? Is the money enough to change her mind? The extended family how would they react to all this? This slave must take steps to change the whole world upside down. Would he succeed in it?

His own family members who have not accepted him, now know he owns the majority of family wealth. This is something unacceptable for them. They are coming for him as well. The young lad has a lot to face. Would he succeed or succumb to the challenges thrown at him by life?

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A Life Upside Down Full Novel

If you are looking for a story that is not hard to understand and spend some time on light reading, this is a novel you must go for. Find out how the once poor now climbs up the ladder of success and reaches the pinnacle, forcing those who treated him like an animal to kneel before him.

A full story of revenge, a bad experience that enables the hero to find out who is worthy of friendship and support. Do read, A Life Upside Down full story.

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