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Here we will provide My Precious Lover review. The innocence can be tempting and attractive but can also embolden others to take advantage of you. The novel takes us on a similar story with a twist. The turn in the story is that the innocent will get another chance to return the favors.

Conscious of what has happened before. A rewind button is set for the female protagonist in the story. Now she is laden with the knowledge of history.

The innocence was a weakness before, which has now become her lethal weapon. Find how she turns around the whole plot of her life and those around her with this opportunity provided to her. My precious love is an engaging read.

My Precious Lover

My Precious Lover

The weakness of the noble heart is that it fails to recognize the evil plots of others. The goodness and innocence of heart and mind will give unprecedented advantages to those with sinister minds over you. Thus they can play you, trick you, and turn you into the most worthless being on the planet, one whose name is mud.

The story of My Precious Lover novel is the story of a similar person. But the providence has a plan. The evil’s facade of innocence and piousness will be unveiled. Though shamed, persecuted, and victimized by the own blood, the immaculate soul is given another chance to come clean.

My Precious Lover Novel

My Precious Lover by Miranda is the story of a young girl. A naive and artless soul, who is just stepping into her youth years. It is her engagement day with the most handsome and most famous personality of the city. But there is someone who does not want this to happen and it is no one other than her own elder sister. She feels it is her who must be the wife not her young sister.

The jealous sister manages to give her younger sibling a libido inducing drug. Then arranges the entry of two unknown men into her room. This entire drama ends up with the embarrassment for the whole family. Despite such a humiliating encounter the fiancé decides to marry the girl anyway as it is the wish of ailing grandmother.

But sooner another trick is played on the girl. The sister kills the brother of their son-in-law and manages to fix the blame on the poor sister. Now the girl’s husband has no reason to keep in contact with her or even call her his wife. It is her who killed the brother and has a promiscuous nature know to all now.

A drug-taking, smoking girl, no man in his senses would like to call his wife. But since it was the marriage arranged by the grandmother of the family, he cannot end it. The days of endurance and struggle begin for the poor girl in the My Precious Lover novel by Miranda.

It gets even harder when she finds out her husband is not in a mood to consummate the marriage. She waits for him to return to her someday. To forgive her for the mistakes she has not committed. Alas, he knows not what the reality is.

Thus the endurance gets beyond her ability to cope and she decides to get separate from her handsome and rich husband. There is no reason to stick to someone who is not ready and willing to own you. She, on the other hand, is oblivious to the web of schemes and trickeries her own sister is creating.

My Precious Lover Story

On the fateful day when the girl gets the signature of her husband on the divorce paper, it is her happy sister on the phone celebrating her success. She is the one who killed the brother of her estranged husband and drugged her to bring a bad name just to replace her. My precious love is full of ominous schemes plotted against the most unaware humble being.

This is such an unacceptable scenario and an unbearable burden of revelations for her. A dizzy and baffled girl walking on the road listening to the unbelievable word uttered by her own sister.

But destiny has other plans for her in the My Precious Love novel sky. In a moment of anxiety and worry, she gets struck by a truck coming from behind. She is tossed into the air, and this is the last thing she is aware of before everything is dark.

Is it over? Not yet, when she opens her eyes up she finds herself in the room where she was drugged on the day of engagement. The heart is beating fast under the desire invoked by the drug. Her sister is outside whispering to two strange men about the plans. Now, she has a chance to get out of trouble or accept what is coming.

Not this time. History must not repeat itself. She has a plan. She is aware of the injustice meted to her in the previous life. It is time to get even.

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My Precious Lover Chinese Novel

Here you will find the female protagonist attacking the future fiancé under the influence of the aphrodisiac. How will this cold and indifferent man react to this situation? Will he take advantage of her in this second life? What image will it create in his mind about the young innocent protagonist?

The novel has characters that are given real life-like appearance by the detailed description from the author. The story is deep and detailed. The reader will find the storyline immersive. With appropriate twists in the plot, this novel engages us to keep reading until the end.

Whether you are looking for my precious lover full PDF or any other resource to read. Do give the title a chance to entertain you. The writer Miranda knows how to take you through the roller-coaster path of emotions. It is time to hop on.

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