Mybox247 — Is It A Legitimate Site Or Not?

A newly established web store named Mybox247 is getting the attention of makeup enthusiasts worldwide. Considering its popularity people are curious to know its legitimacy. If you are among these users, here is an unbiased review of Mybox247 for you. Keep reading!

I you are a makeup enthusiast, you must know how difficult it is to carry all your makeup items without messing up. It is quite impossible to manage all your items in the traditional bags so a website has come with innovative make-up bags and other items. These deals have attracted thousands of online shoppers from all around the world.

The website Mybox247 has created hype but people are reluctant to buy because they are not sure about the website’s legitimacy. Further, the website’s name isn’t a popular one, very few people have heard about it before. So, we have come up with all the details about this website. If you are preparing to shop from this online website, read the complete article first.

What Is Mybox247

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Mybox247 is a viral online web-store that deals in a wide range of products. The product that has attracted most of the shoppers is the makeup bags that are quite unique in nature.

The products that it deals with include, cosmetic bags and cases, hanging cosmetic bags, organ new paragraph high quality makeup bags. We have also spotted by innovative products like waterproof large travel beauty cosmetic bags, and Personal Hygiene Beige on the website.

The online webs-store has also provided specifications for each product. Detailed description of product’s material, composition, height, pattern type, item width and length, style, and shape is written along with each item.

Furthermore, the website is so well designed that people are getting attracted to it. But is the website a legitimate one? Let’s find out!

Is Mybox247 A Scam

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To decide whether the website is a legitimate one or not, let’s check the the information available for shoppers on the website:

  • According to the information provided on the site, the website sells cosmetic products, cosmetic bags, and cases.
  • The domain of this website is registered in April this year so, it is a newbie.
  • The contact details provided on the site are (575) 493-5438. You can also reach them by dropping an email at [email protected]
  • As described by the website, the web store also has a physical presence. The location provided on the website is PO Box 17037, Asheville, NC 28816-7037, US. Further, the website has also provided the owner’s name. Gala Willy is the owner of this viral we store.
  • The only mode of payment identified by the website is Paypal.
  • According to the shipping policy, shoppers will receive their ordered product within 6 to 7 days.
  • Refund policy states that you can return the product in 7 days, with terms and conditions.

Is Mybox247 Legit

Considering the above details, let’s find out whether the website is a legitimate one or not.

1. Domain Age

Domain for Mybox247 was registered on 2021-04-20 09:45:51, hence it is a new website. Usually we suggest our customers not to rely on new websites until they get at least one year old.

2. Social Media Presence

We tried to access the web-store on its social media pages, we couldn’t spot any. This is again a suspicious thing.

3. No Customer Reviews

We weren’t able to find any customer reviews on the website, this is a negative sign. Beside the website, there were also zero customer reviews on the internet.

4. Payment Method

Payment method also isn’t disclosed properly. The only way to pay against any purchase is through Paypal.

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Bottom Line

After considering all the available information about this viral website, we have come to the conclusion that, momentarily the website isn’t trustworthy. So, shoppers must not take any risk; instead wait for few months until the website’s performance improves.

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