Adidas 100th Anniversary Scam — Know The Reality Here

If you have encountered a text message over Telegram or WhatsApp claiming to give you gifts in response to Adidas 100th Anniversary, don’t fall for it, it is a scam. Here is all you must know about this viral scam.

Users on social messaging applications are becoming more vulnerable to scam messages and links. Since the Corona pandemic has hit the world online scams are becoming more common than before. The most common form of scams is text message scams that are being forwarded by scammers to the innocent users.

Few weeks before a similar scam named Adidas 70th Anniversary scam was going viral on WhatsApp. The scam message claimed to provide gifts in response to Women’s day but the message was later considered as a scam by most of the users.

Here is how to spot the viral Adidas 100th Anniversary Scam and the ways to avoid it. Stay tuned!

What Is Adidas 100th Anniversary Scam

Image Of What Is Adidas 100th Anniversary Scam

Adidas 100th Anniversary Scam is a new addition to scams associated with the giant company Adidas. Most of these scams flaunt on the popular social messaging app WhatsApp. The fake offers have trapped hundred of users as they look too good to be true.

The scam message comes with a link attached to it that reads, “Congratulations! You have a chance to get free shoes provided by Adidas for 100th-anniversary celebration”. Upon clicking on the link, users get directed to a suspicious link where they are asked to complete a survey in order to claim the gifts.

The fake website further claims that 100 users will be randomly selected to give rewards, including shoes, clothes, and backpacks. Furthermore, these rewards will only be given to users who will complete the survey.

Adidas 100th Anniversary 2021

Upon completing the survey, every user who participated is declared the winner. But they can’t claim the rewards until they forward the same message to 20 contacts or 5 WhatsApp groups. Even after forwarding the link, they don’t get any reward in return.

Hundreds of users have participated in the survey hence the fake message is spreading like a wild fire. It has become almost impossible to stop the scam message as it is spreading with a snowball effect.

To know more about this scam, we visited Adidas’ official website to know if they are running any such giveaway event; we found that the company isn’t running any giveaway event currently.

So users must not fall for this heinous scam. If you want to participate in any giveaway event, you must follow the official platforms of companies instead of relying on anonymous messages and links.

How To Report Adidas 100th Anniversary Scam 2021

The scam is quite difficult to control and report but if you have forwarded any such message to your contacts, here are some precautionary measures.

  • Initially, inform all your friends and family about the legitimacy of this text message and ask them to ignore it.
  • You must also inform your circle not to forward this link anymore.
  • Do not provide your important credentials to any anonymous website.
  • Don’t rely on the messages that offer you free gifts.
  • If you have provided your important details, like bank details and social media details, change your passwords immediately.
  • Before clicking on the URLs, hover over the link to know if it is from a legitimate source.
  • Inform the concerned company about the scam so that they will inform their other customers about it.

Bottom Line

The number of social media scams is inclining day by day. So, users must be aware of the tactics to spot illegitimate messages. You can also follow our website to know about all viral scams around the world.

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