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Nothing to give but my heart is a Chinese novel which is reflecting one of aspects of society that Crosses ethnicity and borders. It became a global issue. In this novel you will find a girl as a main character of the story who is forced by her family to marry a man who is already married. It is said that forced marriage is a form of modern slavery. Let’s read such a story.

In the novel,” nothing to give but my heart” She is supposed to be the second wife. The only reason behind her family’s compulsion for marriage is that the man is rich. And unfortunately it is the most common problem of our society where wealth and money is considered as everything.

Nothing To Give But My Heart

In this novel, this rich and powerful man has nothing but to test her patience. He has caught a secret about her and he knows how to use that to his leverage. Read the full story and find out how she turns the tide and makes the odds transform into a life envied by all. Finally the day comes the innocent soul is getting married to the most wealthy man of the city. 

Thinking of his wealth and money our mind clicks that there will be great celebration, thousands of guests, banquet, dishes etc. But to your surprise, nothing happens like this. There is no wedding at all. Just one thing happens, the transaction of a female body to the man’s household.

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Nothing To Give But My Heart Novel

This is not the end. Twists of twists started when she finds her husband confined to bed all the time due to a sickness.  He cannot stand on his feet. All the time he remains in a wheelchair. He has a problem in his legs.  With that,  he has got an ugly look on his face, all the time showing hatred. A violent temper defining his nature. An infection in his legs has made him confined to a wheelchair.

Little innocent girl is not the second wife. Rumors have revealed that she is his sixth wife. Before her he had killed five wives. Everybody is aware of this rumor. No father was ready to marry his daughter to this cruel man no matter how much wealth he possessed. But what compulsion made her parents marry their innocent daughter to marry him? Read the novel ” nothing to give but my heart” to know the reason. Lets move a little forward.

Her father has taken such a step and put his daughter in front of a hungry lion. Suddenly his business does not run. Her father faces financial shortages. He took loans to re stabilize his business but he failed. He has no option to overcome the loss. Eventually he takes the decision to marry his daughter to him.

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Nothing To Give But Heart Chinese Novel

According to the novel story, although the family has a daughter, they cannot sacrifice this innocent soul. For this purpose, the lately divorced daughter is selected. Thus she got married to the young differently abled rich man.

Now she has the responsibility of acting as the virgin daughter of the family and securing the business interests of the family, save the family business from going to dogs. Yet there is a lot between the resolution and practical implementation.

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I Have Nothing To Give But My Heart

Though she cannot give this man what he wanted from his wife. Yet she is more capable and enduring than his previous wives. Can she one day turn his hatred towards her into love? Can she one day make him give his heart to her?

Due to her family compulsion, must she face whatever comes ahead with courage and patience? Nothing to give but my heart gives us a lesson of patience. if you are patient and persistent you can face any trouble in your life courageously.

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