Only You Can Be My Wife: A Chinese Novel Review

Only you can be my wife is a Novel based on the story of a girl named “Liang Qingqian”. In just a single day her life turned upside down. She lost her virginity her love her family and all the property descended to her by her parents.

Only You Can Be My Wife Novel

Basically, it is a Chinese novel in which “Liang Qingqian” is the main character of the novel. The story started from a hotel or complex, Tang Dynasty” where she encountered the second important character of the story Lu Zhogunx. This night she lost each and everything in her life. Here you can read the brief story of the novel Only you can be my wife.

Only You Can Be My Wife Full Story

Only You Can Be My Wife take us through the life journey of a girl Liang Qingqian.

Liang Qingqian was too drunk. She was unable to find her room. She was swiping her card in the wrong room. After a few tries, she felt a man standing behind her who opened the room. He took her inside and forced her against the wall. She was too drunk and thought it to be Fei tong.

The next morning when she woke up to her surprise. It was a stranger who later comes out to be Lu Zhongsun. He had taken her to be a prostitute sent to her by people from Guangqi. That night Liang Qingqian lost her virginity. As compensation, she was offered a cheque with a huge figure but she tore it apart.

She then asked Lu to drop her and on the way he bought her preventive medicine. When she got home she was faced by eldest mother and her two uncles Liang Shitao and Dong Qiu. There she also met Fei tong who she thought was still in France. Her cousin Liang Wanqing also inquired where she was all night.

Her uncle asked her where she was going and she replied to her room. He told her that it is not anymore. He then showed her documents which she had signed and they were transfer papers.

Her second uncle showed her equity papers which she too had signed transferring the equity of Liang company to her uncles. They had settled in the villa after the death of her parents. They had taken over everything while she was drunk. Her uncle did it using Fei tong. In a night she had lost everything.

Lu zhangxou while driving found a library card which was Liang’s card which had accidentally fallen out when she was taking out the money for the medicine. When he got back to return the card he found her outside the house crying with her forehead bleeding and face swollen. She then embraced him crying loudly. He pushed her away and took her to the hospital.

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The doctor thought it to be a case of domestic violence but Liang told the doctor otherwise. In the meanwhile, Lu got a call and went out to answer it. It was her fiancé dong Hoon who called him to tell him that she was breaking up and he finds someone else.

He had smoked the whole pack of cigarettes by now Liang had also come. Lu said goodbye and turned away but she grabbed her suit and asked him if he would marry her. First, he frowned upon the idea but later agreed. For Liang it was the only way as she had to get her things back. At that moment, she had nothing.

He then took her to a villa and told her that it is her new home. It was a modern villa in which Liang had a bright and sunny room. The home was a minimalist design. She could not sleep in the new environment. When she went downstairs to get a drink she heard popping sounds of glass breaking.

Full Novel Read Online

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  1. Hi, I want to read ‘Only you can be my wife’ novel full online – translated in English. Could you please share the link? Thanks.

  2. Hi, I want to read ‘Only you can be my wife’ novel full online — translated in English. Could you please share the link? Thanks

  3. Hi , I want to read the novel ” only you can be my wife”.. can u please share the link and details of the app( other than novelcat) in which I can read the full novel .. please share.. thanks in advance


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