Entangled Love After Divorce: Chinese Novel Synopsis

Entangled Love After Divorce is a story that takes your breath away with all it’s ‘realness.’ From the first scene where the protagonist has to suffer to the topsyturvy path, she will have to take to the tumultuous relationship. she will have to bear, this novel will make you jump from your seats and kind of make you uneasy at times.

A story with so much potential to bring forth all your emotions at therefore. The similitude that this Eastern work of art invokes throughout the gripping story will make you wonder; whether human sentiment can be any different in another civilization?

Entangled Love After Divorce Chinese Novel

A story set up in China. A story that is about a daughter who is undeterred when it comes to serving her family (her mother I the only family left, though).

About her mother, who has been divorced and suffered most of her life. Of her father who has made sure at the onset that he will have nothing to do with his daughter and wife. In fact, he is willing to trade them for a dime.

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Entangled Love After Divorce Novel Full Story

The story begins with the protagonist have to endure unwanted intimacy with a strange man for the sake of some money.

The path she has taken has nothing to do with free will. She took that path because she wants to help her family the only way she could.

Her name is Cynthia, she is eighteen years of age with a bright fair face but according to the author of Entangled Love After Divorce, she isn’t breathtakingly beautiful yet. There is some sort of magic in her appearance, an innocence that is enough to melt a stone.

She earns the money to help her mother who has been divorced and left on her own devices. Her younger brother suffering from a brain illness is seen to be taking his last breaths. The pain is all too evident, among the mother and daughter, in the way it is depicted in the novel.

After the death of her brother, her father shows up after so many years that she had a hard time recognizing him at first. He is there for a purpose, she is to marry someone she doesn’t even remember.

Her mother advises her not to fall for the trap but she wanted to leave that life behind and turn her and her mother’s fortunes around and she kept on listening to her father.

After listening intently she got to knew that the man she is planned to marry is lame, losing his leg in a snake bite incident. She had no problem with that and she put forth a condition in front of her father that he will return the possessions of her mother and she will agree to marry Oliver. Her father nodded affirmatively.

And she is married to Oliver for the sake of her mother. That depict her character wholly, which is altogether selfless.

When she met her to-be husband for the first time, she got to know that he was not lame and looked somewhat handsome. And in that scene, Oliver also seems to like Cynthia. But he also put a condition in front of her; they will marry but for a month and divorce afterwards. She reluctantly obliged.

Off they married. But after their divorce they realized that they made each other feel special and a love story kicks in. Would they ever be able to tell each other that they love each other? Or they would move on with their lives separately?

A real page-turner. If you are into stories that have a human side and that bring emotions on the surface, consider giving it a read. You will not be disappointed.

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