Oxygen Level Check App — Say Bye To Pulse Oximeter

With the surge in prices of medical equipments following the Corona Pandemic, people are unable to have costly medical equipments at home. To tackle the situation a health startup based in Kolkata has developed an app that can help you check the oxygen level. If you are advised to get quarantined and keep check on your oxygen level, then you must download the app, CarePlix Vitals.

As the deadliest wave of Corona continues in India and its surrounding countries, prices of medical equipments have skyrocketed. Following the scenario,Pulse Oximeter has become a necessity for majority of people. Bitter truth is that very few people afford to have it. So, some talented app developers have come up with an app that can check your oxygen level.

If you haven’t heard about this application earlier, then here is a detailed description of the application’s functioning and usage.

What Is Oxygen Level Check App

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CarePlix Vitals is a new Oxygen Level Check App. It is developed by a health startup named CareNow Healthcare’. The application doesn’t only keep a check on your oxygen level but also counts your respiration and pulse rates.

If you are a smartphone user, then you don’t have to waste your money on buying costly medical equipment. To your surprise, you can now check your pulse rate and oxygen saturation level by placing your finger on the rear camera and the flash of your Smartphone.

Mobile App To Check Oxygen Level

Though there are many other mobile applications that claim to perform the same function, the most successful of them all is the CarePlix Vitals. The technology that lies under calculating your pulse rate and oxygen saturation level is PPG or photoplethysmography.

For people who haven’t heard about it before, it is an optical technique to diagnose volumetric changes in blood in the peripheral circulation. Using this technology, one can get valuable information regarding our cardiovascular system.

Being a low-cost and Non-invasive technique, it includes in various mobile applications and in advanced gadgets. While checking the oxygen level using CarePlix Vitals, you are calculating the light intensity and based on the difference, a PPG graph is formed. Later from this PPG graph both oxygen saturation level and pulse rate is derived.

How To Check Oxygen Level In Mobile

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To check the oxygen level using the phone, download the Careplex Vitals app that is available on the Play Store. After following the normal installation steps you will get the app on your device.

Now, launch the application and put a finger on your Smartphone’s rear camera and flashlight for few seconds. You are suggested to place your fingers for 40-50 seconds. Once done, remove your fingers. The information regarding oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse and respiration rates will be displayed on your phone’s screen.

The best thing about this application is that you can know your oxygen saturation (SpO2) in less than a minute. Besides this, you can also save the derived data on cloud if you have a good internet connection.

Is Careplex Vitals Fake

As dozens of applications for Oxygen Level Check are available on the Play Store, users find it difficult to believe them. Users have an opinion that this application also isn’t a legit one but after doing extensive research we have found that the application works quite well.

If you are not satisfied with the working of this app, then you can test your Oxygen level using an Oximeter. Later compare the results with that of the Careplix Vitals app. This way you will come to know whether the app is legit or not.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the Careplix Vitals application and its performance. You can share your experience with this app in the below comment box if you have already used it.

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