Hollywood Filter TikTok — Here’s How To Get It

The recent filter to take over the Foryou page of TikTok is Hollywood Filter. Hundreds of users have already rolled eye-catching videos using the filter while many others are still unable to spot it. If you are looking to get this filter on TikTok, then you might not succeed. Let’s discover whether the filter is available on TikTok, Instagram, or on any other application.

The fancy world of filters began when Snapchat introduced us to Doggie and many other filters. Since then social media users rarely post pictures without sprinkling a handful of colorful effects. These filters have introduced us to a new dimension of entertainment. Further, the unending thread of filters has made us believe that creativity has no boundaries.

Following the footsteps of Snapchat, all other social media platforms came up with variety of filters. Considering the popularity of these colorful effects, social media platforms have enabled the Augmented Reality filter creators to create and publish filters.

The latest filter that has taken over the foryou page of TikTok and Instagram is Hollywood filter. Here is how to get this filter.

What Is Hollywood Filter On TikTok

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Hollywood filter is just an addition to the list of beauty filters. Once you apply the Hollywood filter on your face, you will be dolled up all at once. The filter makes you appear like a Hollywood star hence it is given the name “Hollywood Filter”.

The filter has to be applied to images; it can’t directly be applied to one’s face. Furthermore, the filter can be applied more than one time. You can keep applying the filter over and over again until you get your desired result.

Though it is quite popular in TikTok videos and Instagram Reels but it doesn’t belong to any of these platforms. Yes, you heard it right. Neither on TikTok nor on Instagram this filter is available. You will have to download a third-party application to witness yourself like a Hollywood Celebrity. Let’s check from where this filter can be accessed.

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How To Get Hollywood Filter On Instagram

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Users from both Instagram and TikTok are obsessed with the viral Hollywood Filter despite of the fact that this filter isn’t available on any of the said platforms. To lay your hands on this filter you will need to download “FaceApp” for your device. Follow the below steps to get the filter to be part of this viral trend.

  • To get the Hollywood filter firstly go to Playstore and type “FaceApp”.
  • Tap on the application that appears at the top of search results.
  • Get it downloaded and install it.
  • Select the picture that you want to apply the filter on.
  • Once you upload the picture from your gallery, go to the filters section.
  • Look for the “Hollywood Filter”. You will find it before the Smile and Makeup filter.
  • Tap on the filter you want to apply to your photo.
  • Save the photo to your gallery.
  • Repeat the steps if you are not satisfied with the results.
  • You can apply this filter over and over again until you get your desired results.

Hollywood Filter App

To create a video you can follow the above steps again. Select some pictures, apply the filter on each of them and save them to your phone’s gallery. Now, you can use any of the applications including Inshot, Filmora, or kinemaster to come up with a video using the previously saved pictures.

Bottom Line

FaceApp filter is the only application that has rolled the Hollywood filter so far. Let’s see if any other social media platform comes up with this filter or not.

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