Payment Revision Needed — Here’s How To Fix It

Amazon shoppers have reported that they are facing an error over and over again that reads, “Payment Revision Needed”. If you are one of these sufferers here is what the error “Payment Revision Needed” means.

The annoying Amazon error is frustrating the users as it isn’t allowing them to complete their payments. Right after confirming the payment, shoppers are receiving a pop-up text that asks them to revise their payment.

This troublesome error has affected thousands of customers and they have reached the Amazon Customer Service for the solution. Nevertheless, Amazon Customer service has asked them all to consult the payment provider instead. So, the shoppers are left in awe.

Let’s discover the root cause to get rid of this error together!

What Is “Payment Revision Needed” Error On Amazon

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After confirming the orders on Amazon, users are receiving a pop-up notification that reads ‘payment revision needed’. According to experts, the error occurs when your bank declines your payment request and the transaction remains incomplete.

This error may occur due to following reasons,

  • Shopper may have changed their card.
  • You may have accidently interrupted the payment process.
  • It may also cause due to refreshing the page before the payment process completes.
  • You may have pressed the backspace button.
  • Shoppers may have used any unpopular payment gateway
  • The card may have expired or updated.
  • You may exceed your daily spend limit
  • Your card may have been blocked for some reason.
  • There may be less balance in your card to cover the payment.

These are the common reasons for the “Payment Revision Needed” error. You may cross-check all the above points to fix this error. If the error still prevails, you may have to contact your payment provider, if the payment provider is unable to fix this issue, call Amazon’s customer service.

Why I’m Getting “Payment Revision Needed” Error

Some Amazon shoppers have reported that they have received a text message to revise their payment. Be informed that Amazon never sends text messages so do not click on the link as they may be spam.

In other cases, users have also reported that they have received emails asking them to revise their payments. This again may be a scam so, check the URL properly before clicking on it. Most of the spam links contain unwanted characters and misspellings.

So, make sure the email is received from Amazon before you click on the link. Shoppers should also double-check their Amazon accounts to see if they have received any notification. Normally, you will receive all the notifications on your Amazon account instead of emails and text messages.

How To Fix “Payment Revision Needed” On Amazon

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Before looking for a fix, make sure that the email is received from Amazon. If it is from Amazon, you will get the same notification on your Amazon account as well as on your registered email. If they both match up, go for further revision.

To fix the error, open your Amazon account and tap on the payment option to check which card or bank account is set as your default payment method.

If the bank and card details are accurate, then go to your cart again and complete your transaction.

Check if the problem is fixed or still prevails, if it still prevails you must talk to the Amazon customer service for further assistance.

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Final Thoughts

In most of cases the error “Payment Revision Needed” doesn’t actually prevail. Instead it is a spam email or text that tries to trick the Amazon shoppers. So, look into the problem vigilantly before you proceed for a solution.

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