Ranked Flex In League Of Legends — Explained

You might have heard about Ranked Flex In League Of Legends from your gamers crew. Do you want to know what is it? Here is the detail.

As replacement of Ranked Teams, Riot has introduced Ranked Flex to League of Legends. Using this game mode, players can play with a party of group of five players on Summoner’s Rif.

According to the game players, it is quite similar to all other Rift games. The only exception in this mode is that you will not get flamed by random players if you have a full lobby whilst building off-meta.

Let’s discover more about this game mode.

What Is Ranked Flex In League Of Legends

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Ranked Flex In League Of Legends is a game mode that gets ranked separately from Solo/Duo Queue. It is a competitive five-versus-five game mode where you can have a group of 1, 2, 3, or 5 players (except parties of 4) in a ranked setting. Players have also stated that, the games here are quite difficult as both teams should have communication between them.

As far as the ranking system is concerned, it is different from the dynamic queue ranking. Furthermore, in Flex Queue, the players earn rewards at the end of the season.

While it was launched initially, the Flex Queue was not considered as a serious play mode by most of the League Regulars. So, it was played more for fun until Riot Games added some minor changes to it. After these additions, players took the Queue more seriously. Besides this, players also got to play with their friends from different ranks.

However, players still perceive that this game mode is the most ignored and underused game mode of ranked play in the League of Legends.

Ranked Flex Lol

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The basic purpose of Riot Games’ introducing this Flex Queue was to provide opportunities for players to improve their coordination and strategic-play. This is initial game mode that enabled the queue partners to share their strategies and goals.

It has also provided an in-game practice mode for amateurs of League of Legends so that they can push themselves towards competing high ELO. But unfortunately, the players couldn’t make best out of it as the model remained under-used.

While talking about the Flex Queue, Riot’s caster Isaac “Azael” Cummings Bentley said: “I genuinely wish more people liked Flex Queue.

Being able to pick who you’re queueing with, work together with the same goals, strategies etc & making coordinated plays is what makes LoL so fun for me!

Solo Queue just doesn’t do it for me anymore, too much hate & no team play.”

As Azael comes from a competitive background in World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2, he totally understands the whole scenario. He further addressed the players about the importance of Queuing up for improving the game skills. He added:

“Coming from a competitive background in WoW, SC2, Hearthstone etc I was either playing with people I chose to queue with, or playing solo.

Either way you know what you’re getting into & that’s something I’ve always missed with solo queue in team based games.”

Reddit users have also agreed with Azael’s stance. According to them, Flex Queue is a perfect model for League of Legends players to boost their game skills. They further added that the Solo queues in team-based games aren’t much competitive. However, Flex Queue never got a chance to shine and it remained the under-used model of League of Legends.

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Bottom Line

Though the Ranked Flex In League Of Legends is not much popular but it has potential to improve the matchmaking. But it is possible only if League of Legends players start investing time on it.

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