Powerbank Scam — All Details Provided

An online earning application known as Power Bank has been making rounds on the internet lately. Some users perceive Powerbank as a Scam while others claim that they have earned considerable profits using this app. If you are interested in investing in this online earning app then read this unbiased review till the end.

There are plenty of applications online that claim to give you huge profits but very few of them are legit. A similar platform that offers to invest and earn is Powerbank app. It is an Indian-based Fintech that is available for Android users.

Further, this application is only available for the Android users inside India. The application also enables the users to earn commissions using the referrals. The more friends you invite on the app, the more commission you will earn.

To invest your money in this application, there are multiple levels. These levels have a different cost and you can start by buying a product inside the app. The question that arises here is whether this application is safe to invest in or not. If you have similar queries then here is all you need to know about this app.

How To Use Powerbank App

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To earn using the Powerbank, you have to download the app, invest in it and invite your friends by sharing the app with them. By following this cycle, users earn commissions while the app developers get more investment in return. The more profit they earn, the more they share with their users.

Withdrawing the cash is also said to be simple. But in order to be able to withdraw money you have to reach a certain limit. Once you reach that limit, you can easily withdraw your earned money to any bank operating in India.

Using the app is quite simple; firstly you have to download the APK file on your Android device. You can download the app from the App store. Once you have downloaded it, you can launch the app by simply providing the registration details. Login with your mobile number and add a bank account to start investing. Later, you can invite your friends on the app to earn a commission.

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Is Powerbank A Scam

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After probing about the app, we have finally come up with the answer to whether this application is legit or not, and the answer is, this application is suspicious. The reason we won’t recommend this app is that the official website is poorly created. Furthermore, there isn’t any information about the founder of this app.

Some other suspicious things involved with this platform are inactive social media handles and the red flags found on the app. Here are some customer reviews for your guidance:

One user said, “Many investors have already invested on it but at the time of withdrawal, app shows “error”. What will you be able to do at that time?  You could only blame play store or that app. So I advise you to stay away from that app. If you really want to invest, then invest in stock market, that’s far better than such fake app. Thanks!

While talking about the poor customer service one user said, “It is really fake because they don’t have any customer service so that we can contact them. I have invested but it is not showing any amount which we have invested. we are unable to contact them.”

One more user also fell prey to this ill platform. He said, “This is Fake, Please do not enter, I have lost money.”

Bottom Line

This was an unbiased opinion about the Powerbank Scam. We would suggest the investors to invest their valuables wisely.

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