How To Sleep 8 Hours In 3 Hours — The Viral Meme

One of the recent meme that went viral on various social media platforms is “How To Sleep 8 Hours In 3 Hours”. The meme talks about how people in today’s world are trying to be more efficient while neglecting their basic needs.

If you are a night owl then you must be struggling with your sleep schedule. You might also have thought about sleeping less and being productive at the same time.

Addressing the same issue, the “How To Sleep 8 Hours In 3 Hours” meme went viral on the internet. If you have come across this meme while scrolling through your social media feed then here is what this meme actually means.

How To Sleep 8 Hours In 3 Hours Meme

Image Of How To Sleep 8 Hours In 3 Hours Meme

People on social media have interest in memes more than any other content category. This is the reason why social media platforms are filled with variety of memes.

These memes are an amazing way to express ones feelings without offending anyone. Hence, social media users love watching and sharing memes. Resultantly, meme creators come up with new memes with every passing day.

Sometimes people come up with bizarre ideas on internet that later become viral memes. Similar situation happened when a night owl tried to get solution of his poor sleep schedule from Google. As soon as the user shared his concern on internet it became a viral meme.

The reason this meme became viral was its senselessness. Being an absolutely stupid question, it got attention of people. Some people perceived it as a lame question while majority of internet users found it funny.

After going viral, many meme creators created new versions of “How To Sleep 8 Hours In 3 Hours Meme”. The most popular version was the one that features the meme at the top while a cop running behind a person holding a cane in his hand. The cop is given the title of Google while the person running termed me.

Sleep 8 Hours In 3 Hours Meme Origin 

Image Of Sleep 8 Hours In 3 Hours Meme Origin

About the origin of this meme, there isn’t any information but it has been circulating on internet since so long. Some people perceive that the meme originated from Reddit while others think that it was first seen on Facebook. However, the creator of this meme and the initial platform from where the Sleep 8 Hours In 3 Hours Meme originated in still unknown.

Seeing the popularity of this meme, a print-on-demand online marketplace has rolled a pillow with the meme phrase printed on it. This meme printed cushion is made up of 100% spun polyester cover with an optional polyester fill.

It also comes with a concealed zip opening for a clean look. The cushion has become quite famous on internet as it is the only way one can Sleep 8 Hours In 3 Hours Meme.

The fabric of this meme is comfortable enough to give you a sound sleeping experience. Furthermore, the popularity of memes on the internet has helped the cushion reach a massive audience.

Spread Of The Meme

Started from Reddit — most probably, this meme has now made its way to all other social media platforms. It has now become a popular meme on Facebook, Twitter and all other social media platforms.

One famous alteration that became immensely popular was an image with the meme phrase at the top and a notification saying “Mental hospital wants to know your location” at the bottom. This alteration is making rounds on all social media platforms for so long.

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Bottom Line

Meme are an amazing way to spread smiles on the faces of people. Be it a senseless one or with a deep meaning, meme are meant to be celebrated. Hopefully, this article has provided all details about the viral How To Sleep 8 Hours In 3 Hours Meme.

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