Mexico Did It Scam — All Details Provided [May 2021]

Mexico Did It Scam is making rounds on Internet recently. This scam has tricked many innocent people and the scammers are reaching many others using all their powers. Here’s why one should know about this scam.

With increased technological advancements, scammers are having ease in fulfilling their ill purposes. Internet if full of fake websites and thousands of people are falling prey to these false websites. Some scammers have even tricked innocent people by sending emails while many other fake companies are scamming people with a single text message or a phone call.

The cases of Scamming have rise massively in the pandemic year. Having less opportunities to earn their livelihood, people are getting into wrong means of earning money. Hence, the scammers are out with their full powers these days.

A new scamming tactic, known among the public as “Mexico Did It Scam” is creating hassle among the people. This article will provide you all details about this bogus tactic and the ways to avoid such scams.

What Is Mexico Did It Scam

Image Of What Is Mexico Did It Scam

This scam is being identified in two ways. Some people have reported that the “Mexico Did It Scam” is a phone virus that comes with a text message. The message you will receive will be an image file that says, Mexico has defeated the Corona Virus. It further explains that there is no single Covid positive case left hence they cheer it.

It also warns the users not to open the image as it will infect their mobile phone with a virus. The message also adds that after getting into your mobile phone the virus can even affect you and your family. Though it sounds weird by this is how people report this scam.

However, this scam isn’t reported by any major media channel so we can consider it to be a bogus text message. In order to stay on the safe side, mobile phone users should not rely on the information received from anonymous sources. You should also avoid clicking on the links attached to text messages and emails that are being received from anonymous sources.

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Mexico Did It Virus Scam

Image Of Mexico Did It Virus Scam

The Federal Communications Commission has also warned about a series of scam calls that are being made to people residing in Mexico. According to the notification, this telephone scam is targeting people in Hispanic communities or having Spanish surnames. People have filed various complaints to FFC saying they have been deceived by collect calls.

In many of similar cases, consumers are fraudulently charged against fake phone calls from strangers. If you haven’t heard about this scam earlier, here is how it works: you will receive a phone call on your residential telephone number from a person pretending to be a telephone operator. He will tell you that he has a collect call from your family member who has an emergency.

The operator will also have information about your family so you will believe him. Once you rely on his information, he will connect you to a stranger who will give you some irrelevant information. After realizing it isn’t any of your family members, you will hang up the phone call but it will be too late. You will still have to pay for this phone call.

Sometimes the operator doesn’t even wait for you to agree and he immediately connects you to the stranger. You will be charged a very high rate for this call.

Bottom Line

To avoid such scams consumers should stop answering to calls that suspect may be spoofed. Users should also examine the telephone bill before billing your company and if you have already encountered such scam, immediately file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission.

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