The Charismatic Charlie Wade: Story of a live-in Son-in-law

In this world, wealth and fame are the prime determinants to ascertain the worth of the people. World is full of such people who are materialistic, callous and rapacious. The Charismatic Charlie Wade takes us into the life of Charlie Wade. A pauper who will inherit the Emgrand Group, one of the largest businesses in the city.

Family is always instrumental in one’s life. It plays a role of safe haven where a person finds comfort from all the tensions, burdens and cruelty of life. But what will happen if you own family is the whole problem in your life and they give you all the pain and insult instead.

This novel authored Lord Leaf by narrates the story of Charlie Wade who is among such a family yet he shows hope, endurance and perseverance. Irrespective of all these difficulties a person face in life, if you have truly loving family and friend you come out of such challenges. But if your own family disregard you the matters become worse.

Charismatic Charlie Wade Novel

Charlie, a childhood orphan lives with his in-laws. He gets married to the beautiful Claire Wilson (granddaughter of Lord Wilson). The Wilson family is abusive and there is not a single day in Charlie Wade’s life when he doesn’t feel humiliated after the death Lord Wilson. At the time of marriage, Charlie is almost penniless.

Living with this greedy family, because of being poor, Charlie is treated merely as a servant. Despite all this insult, he shows nonchalance and acts like a statue not affected by any of this.

Mrs. Lewis — the caretaker of Charlie at Orphanage, is suffering from uremia and requires at least one-million dollars for her treatment. Owing to this, Charlie decides to borrow the money from Mrs. Wilson (grandmother of Claire) on the occasion of her birthday.

He has to face bashing and disparaging from the whole family. On contrary, his wife is supportive but doesn’t love him whole-heartedly. Moreover, the Wilson family doesn’t treat Claire fairly as well

In hospital, Charlie find out that out of 3 million total bill, 1 million has already been paid. Who paid this?

The Twist in the Plot

Charlie learns that his grandfather, Lord Wade, who once banished Charlie’s family from the home, now wants his grandchild to inherit his wealth. Wade family is one of the wealthiest families in Eastcliff.

The Charismatic Charlie Wade Book

The Charlie Wade story is worth reading for so many reasons. It brings us life lesson for so many occasions, so many time, and so many situations. This journey of a man in life who has learned to persevere in life. To be thankful for everything. He gives the answer to the hatred with love and care.

This man has had a very rough childhood. Growing up in an orphanage then getting entangled with a family as the live in son in law, where he has no respect at all. The life is unbearable to say the least. Yet, he does not show any signs of hopelessness or fatigue.

Whatever life throws at him, he takes the best part of it and focuses his attention on it. The Charlie Wade novel will give us hope, the ability to see through the troubled clouds, the light of success and prosperity.

The Charismatic Charlie Wade Full Story

It all begins from living a lavished life from the birth. At the age of eight years, he will be hounded out of the house by his grandfather along with his father and mother. With all the wealth of the family taken away, they manage to live by, giving a decent life to the child.

This promising child named Charlie Wade is yet to experience the worst times. These testing times will make him one of the most enduring, humble, powerful men on the face of earth. Yet to achieve all this he will have to go through the hell and fire at the hands of the life.

Charlie Wade Emgrand group will take him to the pinnacle of power and influence in the city where he is treated as a dog. Once at the helm of Emgrand group how will he deal with the people around him?

Charlie wade and Claire Wilson novel

On the one hand this is the story of Charlie Wade. At the same time the story talks about Claire Wilson, his wife. The boy was taken out of the orphanage by her grandfather and brought to home. There, as the patriarch of the family, he married his most beautiful and talented granddaughter to this man.

Soon after the conclusion of this marriage the grandfather passed away. At that time the family of Claire was the most marginalized in the greater family umbrella. With the demise of the grandfather, it further got trampled by the cunning family memebers.

Under such circumstances, Charlie became the kicking rug for the whole family especially his mother-in-law, who believed this son in law was one of the main reasons for their worst status in the family. Yet, the wife, despite not giving him full husband rights, was the one who gave respected to him.

This kept him going, through the worst times of his life. In the future when his fortunes change will he treat her well? To find that out you will have to read Charlie Wade Emgrand group book.

The Charismatic Charlie Wade Full Book Free

Charlie Wade Emgrand Group novel is so amazing that people are asking for The Charismatic Charlie Wade movie. If you are the one who is thinking about watching a movie, web series, or a season encompassing the whole story, you will probably have to wait for the conclusion of the novel.

This is the reason why you cannot get a full book free for this novel story. It is an ongoing tale of unexpected stories for the male protagonist. At every point, on a daily basis, he has to prove his abilities. Those who know him already are fascinated by his talents. Those who are unaware, still treat him like the rag.

For such people, the experiences of disappointment and jaw-dropping happenings await. The male protagonist in this movie will be equivalent to a super hero who dwells the common people, reveals himself to the people he thinks must know him. For the rest he is a waste spending his days doing house chores.

Charlie wade Emgrand Group Novel

As you read the novel the loathed and despised son-in-law becomes the hidden gem in the whole city. How come that happens? Charlie wade novel Emgrand are closely connected in this regard. As soon as he accepts the grandfather’s invitation to join the famly back he is gifted the largest company in the city.

This is the Emgrand Group, the laregest construction company. It’s assets worth in billions and all the other groups in the city are eclipsed by its clout. Mounting the dragon of Emgrand Group Charlie gets acquainted with the most powerful people in the city. In this way he enables himself to run the affairs across the region.

He becomes a billionaire overnight. Money is not the only thing that makes the male protagonist all-powerful. When you read the Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 21, it becomes obvious that there are other skills and abilities that make him the invincible and most formidable man on the face of earth.

The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 21

In this chapter the story progresses full of suspense. The chairman of the Emgrand group is about to reveal himself. When Charlie stands up and goes to the stage, it appears like he is finally going to show the people, who ridicule him, his real face. But, this is not the right time.

He is not sure what is the situation in his Wade family. Whether they will support him or become his enemies, he is not sure. Moreover, there are many people around him who are not ready to accept such a shock. These reasons restrain him from revealing his true identity. The readers have to wait before Claire Wilson’s husband shows his true face.

Thus in the Charismatic Charlie Chapter 21, it is a suspenseful reading, here the reader might expect the male lead to show the world his true face, yet the plot will twist at the right time to reveal that it is not the case.

The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 22

Following from the Chapter 21, where Claire Wilson finds that despite the fact that she won the corporation for her family’s company from Emgrand group her grandmother choses the cousin Harold over her. Claire was expecting that she has finally done something amazing for her parents, and she was about to make them proud.

All her feelings are guttered down by the announcement from her grandmother. This deception is beyond the ability of this girl to bear. Thus with her eyes filled with water, and throat hoarse with emotions, she runs out of he banquet.

As long as her husband is calling the shots from behind, she doesn’t have to worry. Yet, she is not aware of the fact that it is her husband who owns the other company, he is the chairman.

Soon she will return to the venue, with a big surprise awaiting for her.

The Charismatic Charlie Wade PDF

When you read the book online or in hard form of this novel you come to know that he has in a matter of seconds become the Powerful Son in Law. Those who treated him like an animal are now nothing more than minions.

Will Charlie accept this offer from his grandfather? How will Wilson family react upon hearing this? Will they be begging for mercy?

He promised to himself once. Those who mistreated him will beg for mercy one day. Has the day come?

What is going to happen to the family at the hands of their son in law? The man who was once mere  live-in son-in-law become the most powerful man in the city. Read the Charismatic Charlie Wade to find out.

If you want all of answers to these questions, read the whole novel.


The Charismatic Charlie Wade is a novel written in a very simplistic manner. The language used is very normal and succinct. Anyone can read it easily.

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