Say My Name Scam — Here’s What You Need To Know

Drivers are uniting against Say My Name Scam as riders perceive most of the male drivers as serial rapists and killers. Is it really a scam or just a moment started by riders for security purposes? Let’s discover together.

In early 2019, a college girl Josephson, 21, was killed after getting into a car that she thought was Uber. She ordered this ride from her college back to home in downtown Columbia, South Carolina.

Without considering if he was the Uber driver she booked, she got into the car and was killed by a guy who impersonated an Uber driver. Later, her family started an internet trend with the hashtag “#WhatsMyName” to create awareness among the Uber and Lyft riders.

The basic aim of this hashtag was to ensure that the riders get home safely. A website was also created that worked on educating passengers on how to find their correct ride.

But in this scenario, the Uber drivers were totally ignored. Uber drivers have also security concerns as every rider they get isn’t necessarily a normal citizen. They too are being scammed plenty of times. Lets’ know where the “Say My Name Scam” has reached so far.

What Is Say My Name Scam

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Uber Say My Name Scam is a new strategy of fraud to scam the drivers. It starts when the drivers go to pick the rider. The passenger opens the door and asks “What rider name are you looking for.?” In most cases, the driver says the rider’s name. Then the anonymous passenger says, yes, that’s me and gets into the car.

The driver then confirms the address by repeating the address that has been provided in the app. The passenger agrees with the drop-off location and the ride begins.

Normally this is enough confirmation for the driver because he can only see the rider’s name on the app. Most of the time that name provided on the app also happens to be a fake name or a nickname.

After covering some miles the rider will call someone and then asks the driver to stop at a certain location for few minutes. He/she may also say “end the trip” or “be right back” but after getting off the car they never come back.

The driver also will not get that the passenger was a scam until the original passenger calls him to ask where is he going or why hasn’t he arrived yet.

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Uber Say My Name Scam

Image Of Uber Say My Name Scam

Considering the scam, drivers have certain insecurities because they don’t even have idea of whom they are going to have in their car the very next moment. Uber and Lyft drivers have raised their concerns on various Internet platforms but they are not being considered by Uber and Lyft yet.

While talking about the scam a driver posted on Reddit saying that, it feels weird when someone asks the driver to say his/her name multiple times despite of the fact that they already have the details of the vehicle and the driver in their profile.

The app even shows the driver’s picture, mentions the car’s brand, type and even the license plate of the car. The drivers claim that having all information in their app, they would be so stupid if still they get into the wrong car.

Instead of the passengers asking the driver’s name, drivers have an opinion that they should confirm the rider’s name instead. It is because the riders usually provide fake names or nicknames on their account. And this is the only information drivers get from the rider’s side.

Bottom Line

This was all about the Say My Name Scam and the potential risks for the drivers attached to it. Hopefully the information provided in this article will help you to stay alert and make wise decisions.

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