Amazon Raffle Scam — Potential Risk To Amazon Users

Amazon users are getting trapped by the Amazon Raffle Scam. Many Amazon accounts of people are also being hijacked using this scam. If you don’t want to compromise your personal and financial data then, here is how to avoid this scam.

The E-commerce giant, Amazon is again being dragged into a scam. This isn’t the first time that the major E-commerce websites have being associated with the scams. It has become a ritual for scammers to use the goodwill of major companies to meet their fake goals. The purpose behind involving the big names is to lure people to click on the links attached to it.

The latest scam associated with Amazon is “Amazon Raffle Scam” which claims to give you a free pair of the popular Apple AirPods. Here’s how to identify and avoid this scam.

What is Amazon Raffle Scam

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Amazon Raffle Scam is a new trick to loot the users of Amazon. According to various sources, it sends a text message to their victims informing that they are among the lucky winners of the classy Apple Airpods. Some other security experts have claimed that they don’t only offer Apple’s AirPods but some Apple watches as well.

Now the question is why the scammers thought of tricking users with Apple’s AirPods? It’s because these are still the most popular devices rolled out by the tech giant. Another reason is because these AirPods are relatively cheaper than the high-end AirPods Max. So, the deal seems realistic and people believe them.

Along with plenty of internet users, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has also warned the people regarding the new AirPods raffle scam. Considering the Better Business Bureau’s concern we understand that this is a serious scam.

If you haven’t received this text message then you are lucky enough but if you have received one, DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK! Or do not follow the instructions provided by the scammer.

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Amazon Raffle Scam 2021

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The message received from Amazon Raffle Scam contains a link and it also asks you to enter your Amazon account details and other important credentials. They make it clear that without providing the required details you will not be able to claim your AirPods.

Upon clicking on the link provided in the text message, you will be redirected to a phishing website. If you have already provided your details then you should change all your passwords immediately.

To avoid such scams, here are some precautionary measures that you should consider.

  • The very first thing is to ignore the anonymous text messages. You should never reply to messages that offer free gifts and cash.
  • The second thing you should know that most fraudulent text messages contain links with them. So, ignore such messages because there is a higher chance of it being a scam.
  • Readers should also consider that, companies do not send personal messages to their customers. If you ever happen to receive such messages, do some research on the internet before you provide your important credentials.
  • Never provide your login details and passwords to anyone. None of the companies inquires their customers about their credentials.
  • If you ever come across any phishing website, avoid participating in fake surveys because this method is used by scammers most of the time.
  • If you have clicked on the link, immediately turn off the internet so that your device will not get affected by any malware. Scan your device and uninstall recently added applications to be on the safe side.

Last Words

To avoid scams like Amazon Raffle Scam, users should understand that texts and emails with links tend to be the biggest warning flag of a scam.

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