Shopee 5th Anniversary — Is It A Scam? [Aug 2021]

A recent message claiming to celebrate Shopee 5th Anniversary is received by thousands of users in Malaysia. Experts claim that it is an attempt to hack your important credentials and later you get involved in financial thefts. Here is all you must know about this scam message.

With technological advancements, scammers are invading internet websites using different techniques. From scam messages to fake emails and fake internet sites, internet users are encountering various scams on daily basis. Some fraudulent people have even, scammed people imitating to be big companies like Amazon and Toyota. Using various techniques, scammers can even get access to your important credentials including bank cards, social media account passwords and they can even trace your home address.

The recent viral scam is quite similar to the scams discussed above. Scammers imitate to be from “Shopee” and claim that they are celebrating their 5th anniversary by giving free prizes. Thousands of users have fallen for this viral scam so far.

What Is Shopee 5th Anniversary?

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Shopee 5th Anniversary is the current viral tactic of fraudsters to get your important credentials. This scam is encountered and reported by Malaysians. So, if you are a Malaysian citizen, we would suggest you stay alert as the scam has trapped thousands of people.

This scamming tactic is actually using the goodwill of Shopee which is a multi-national company based online. Its headquarters is in Singapore and the company comes under the Sea Group. This online company is actually a platform where buyers and sellers meet. You can sell any item and also buy certain things at the same time. Hence, the company is famous among many users.

Is Shopee 5th Anniversary Scam?

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The users who got trapped by the Shopee 5th Anniversary Scam claim that they initially received a text message imitating to be from Shopee. The text message further addresses the receiver that they are shortlisted for the Lucky Draw.

The message also asks the user to share their personal details so that they can be part of the lucky draw and win exclusive gifts. As soon as the users share their personal details, the crooks use this information for financial and identity thefts.

Several users have reported that they have fallen prey to this online scam. However, Shopee hasn’t talked about this viral scam yet.

To be on the safe side, it is important for the users to follow the official pages of popular companies and brands. Further do not rely on the information received from unknown sources.

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Is Shopee 5th Anniversary Legit?

Here is some security advice that will help you to overcome fraudulent emails and text messages in the future:

  • The first thing you should consider is, “do not install programs or softwares from unknown websites”.
  • Secondly, do not respond to suspicious emails and text messages received from unknown sources.
  • Do not tap on the links attached to suspicious emails and text messages.
  • Don’t consider malicious payment requests made through emails and text messages.
  • Never save your passwords on your computer.
  • Always use strong passwords on all your financial and social media accounts.
  • You must use a virus scanner on your computer and never forget to keep it updated.
  • Install programs from trustworthy sites.
  • Try not to use public systems and always use your own system.
  • If you ever feel like your credentials are not in safe hands, change your password immediately.

Final Verdict

After considering all the details about the recent Shopee 5th Anniversary message, we have come to the conclusion that this is a fraud. Hence, online users must be aware of such scams and never rely on the emails and messages that offer free gifts.

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